Xilisoft iPhone Transfer 破解版 – iphone管理软件

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer 破解版 – iphone管理软件

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer是一款功能强大、且操作智能的iphone管理软件,能够支持iPhone与电脑同步,可以将音乐,视频和其他内容备份到您的计算机,将您的iPhone内容与iTunes匹配,并将文件从计算机无缝复制到iPhone




Xilisoft iPhone Transfer 破解版 – iphone管理软件

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Xilisoft iPhone Transfer是一款功能强大、且操作智能的iphone管理软件,能够支持iPhone与电脑同步,可以将音乐,视频和其他内容备份到您的计算机,将您的iPhone内容与iTunes匹配,并将文件从计算机无缝复制到iPhone。当然除了音乐,视频和文件同步之外,用户还可以在安装Xilisoft iPhone Transfer软件时将iPhone视为便携式硬盘,能够兼容所有的iPad / iPhone / iPod设备,可以让用户更好的管理iphone手机文件,欢迎免费下载体验。
Xilisoft iPhone Transfer is a smart way to sync your iPhone with your computer tool. It is ideal for administrator to backup music, videos and other content on your computer, connect the contents of your iPhone to iTunes and seamlessly copy files from computer to your iPhone iPhone.
In addition to synchronizing music, video and file, you can even treat your iPhone as a portable hard disk when Xilisoft iPhone Transfer software is installed.
Fully compatible with all iPad / iPhone / iPod, the latest iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus, iOS iTunes 10 and 12
Make a backup of the contents of iPhone
Backup messages and contacts to computer
Export computer files to iPhone / iPad / iPod
Synchronize iPhone music with iTunes library
Manage music, movies, photos, books iPhone
Supports multiple iOS devices simultaneously
OS : Mac OS X v10.6 – 10.14(Mojave)
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