TouchCopy 16.40 破解版 – 移动端数据转移助手

TouchCopy 16.40 破解版 – 移动端数据转移助手

如果您需要将自己iPhone上的文件转移到Mac上,那你一定会需要这款软件TouchCopy Mac 破解版。TouchCopy 16 for Mac 全新优化设计只为Mac,可以快速轻松地将iPod,iPhone或iPad移动设备上的音乐,照片,信息等传送到电脑,相当于是一个iOS设备管理数据传输软件




TouchCopy 16.40 破解版 – 移动端数据转移助手

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如果您需要将自己iPhone上的文件转移到Mac上,那你一定会需要这款软件TouchCopy Mac 破解版。TouchCopy 16 for Mac 全新优化设计只为Mac,可以快速轻松地将iPod,iPhone或iPad移动设备上的音乐,照片,信息等传送到电脑,相当于是一个iOS设备管理数据传输软件。
Transfer music, photos, messages, contacts and more from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to iTunes on your PC or Mac.
Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes
Copy all your music, videos and playlists back to iTunes. Make a backup of all your music iPhone to your Mac or PC on your hard drive in just a few mouse clicks. TouchCopy also saves all data of songs, including illustrations, ratings and view counts.
Copy pictures and videos from your iPhone
Help is at hand for all those precious photos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. TouchCopy can get all your photos back to the device – which are loaded into the device through iTunes, as well as those taken with the iDevice camera.
Make a backup SMS and iMessages on your PC or Mac
TouchCopy will copy the message text and iMessage conversations to your computer and even keep pictures and videos sent in MMS and iMessages. You can even make a backup of your voice messages and voice memos recorded on your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
Keep iPhone contacts to your PC or Mac
can see all contacts from your iPod or iOS device. You can then copy them to your computer, Microsoft Outlook or Mac Address Book to make one – click button.
Copy iPhone or iPad books to iTunes
TouchCopy will copy iBooks in the iTunes library. You can save these in EPUB or PDF format. You can also transfer audiobooks from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Export bookmarks and browsing history Internet
TouchCopy lets you view and export your Internet bookmarks and browsing history from your iOS device. You can visit the pages marked from the browser TouchCopy or copy them to your PC to view them from the browser of your choice.
Backup Call History iPhone
TouchCopy can access the call log from your iPhone and lets you copy them to your PC, either Windows or Mac. These records are saved to your device whenever you make or receive a call. They are also saved when any call is made Face Time with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Call logs include the date on which they were made and their duration.
Calendars copy iPhone to your PC or Mac
Browse through your iPhone or iPad calendars and copy them to the computer is easy with TouchCopy. You can get files from your iDevice iCal and copy them to your computer in an instant, and then import them anything: Outlook, Google calendars, Mac Calendar …
Enable disk mode on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
You want to transfer a file from one computer to another, but do not have a hand flash drive? With TouchCopy you can add files and backup your iOS device disk!
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor