News Explorer 1.9.7 破解版 – 优秀的新闻订阅客户端

News Explorer 1.9.7 破解版 – 优秀的新闻订阅客户端

News Explorer 是一款Mac上优秀的新闻订阅客户端,通过RSS快速订阅各种新闻源,支持搜索,很好用




News Explorer 1.9.7 破解版 – 优秀的新闻订阅客户端

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News Explorer 是一款Mac上优秀的新闻订阅客户端,通过RSS快速订阅各种新闻源,支持搜索,很好用!
News Explorer for Mac是一款功能齐全且易于使用的RSS,JSON,Atom和Twitter新闻阅读器,可在Mac,iPhone,iPad,Apple Watch和Apple TV之间实现基于iCloud的同步。
News Explorer is an innovative news reader built exclusively for the ecosystem of the block with iCloud – based synchronization between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
Full Synchronization
• News Explorer syncs your subscriptions, folder settings, news, read the states and favorites on all Apple devices.
• Synchronization is based on iCloud, so there is no need to login or to register for any other service, just works out of the box.
• engine capacity high speed flow.
Productive Interface
• Cleaning 100% native user interface without distractions
• Built-in browser to view online links and other references
• Topics
Default ◦: Interface light colored carefully designed
◦ dark “night mode” useful interface
◦ System: based on standard system colors and controls
◦ YinYang: combines the dark sidebar interface with clear tones
• Support Split view
• full screen Support
custom Readout
• smart Filters
◦ latest News: all news from the last 2 days
◦ unread News: News unread
favorites ◦: all items News bookmarked
• Read your news online
• the Mark items as favorites for later reading
• Browse with a single click with original content
• View timeline shows your news in an appealing manner similar to daily
• Full text search
• Full keyboard navigation
• Picture Viewer built to access images News
• share news articles via e-mail, messages, Twitter, Facebook and
organizational support
• Add new RSS feeds manually or use the integrated search function
• extension support power allow you to open RSS feed URL news
• Group subscriptions using folders
• Rename and change the order of folders and subscriptions, drag and drop
• Import and export OPML
usability features
• Global filters let you filter all subscriptions and unread Related news and favorite items.
• Support for enhanced navigation arrow key auto expansion and collapse the sidebar and the built -in browser.
• With the strength of the click, you can easily perform common actions used in selected news.
• Conduct rapid action with horizontal strokes on the list of news articles.
• pull subscription list to start a synchronization session.
• Application icon plate with unread items count.
Customization options
• customized storage period for each item status (read, unread and favorites).
• The open items can be automatically adjusted to read, immediately or after a period of request.
• Set all elements within a filter or feed reading with a single click, with the option to ask for confirmation above a certain number of unread messages.
• links news can be opened in the browser – based integrated Safari-view, controller or external URL that includes support for external applications.
• Synchronization with iCloud can be disabled, using only the built- in RSS high – speed motor.
• And much more
• Supports RSS 2.0 and ATOM newsfeeds
• iCloud sync with CloudKit
• Swift 2.2
• Touch Force
• Transfer, where you left off
• Notifications
• Retina support
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