I39 1.6 破解版 – 简单易用的铃声和提示音创建工具

I39 1.6 破解版 – 简单易用的铃声和提示音创建工具




I39 1.6 破解版 – 简单易用的铃声和提示音创建工具

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i39 -. simple and easy to use tool to create ringtones and alert tones of any music on your Mac i39 can easily create unique call tones to personalize your iPhone.
• Integrated iTunes browser lets you quickly find the necessary song
• Use ‘Open Other’ to choose any song on the disc
• Expand to choose the start and end of the region ringer accurately sub-second
• Use waveform to find the right part of your song
• custom ringtones with fade-in / fade-Out up to 10 seconds
• Choose the length of custom cast using ‘Cursor fade by time’
• Select 1 of 6 types Fade
• Easily create ringtones from audio files AIFF, MP3, WAV, M4A, CAF, AAC, FLAC
• Visualize your ringtone exactly as it sounds on your phone
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