Audiobook Builder 2.2.8 破解版 – 有声书制作工具

Audiobook Builder 2.2.8 破解版 – 有声书制作工具

Audiobook Builder for Mac是Mac平台上的一款有声书制作工具,Audiobook Builder Mac让你可以轻松地将多个音频文件制作成为数量较少的音频文件




Audiobook Builder 2.2.8 破解版 – 有声书制作工具
Audiobook Builder 2.2.8 破解版 – 有声书制作工具
Audiobook Builder 2.2.8 破解版 – 有声书制作工具

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Audiobook Builder for Mac是Mac平台上的一款有声书制作工具,Audiobook Builder Mac让你可以轻松地将多个音频文件制作成为数量较少的音频文件,同时还可以向文件中添加歌词信息等,制作成为有声书,在 iOS 设备以及其他音频播放设备上播放收听,功能非常的强大。
Audiobook Builder makes it easy to turn your audio CDs, MP3s, M4As, and other audio files into audiobooks for your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Join audio, create enhanced chapter stops, adjust quality settings and let Audiobook Builder handle the rest. When it finishes you get one or a few audiobook tracks in iTunes® instead of hundreds or even thousands of music tracks!
Key Features
Audio file joining: Already ripped your CDs? There’s no need to suffer through it again.
Enhanced chapter stops: Custom artwork you specify will appear in iTunes and on iPods with a color display.
Adjustable quality settings: Start with the included presets, but feel free to customize each project’s audio settings to suit your personal taste.
iTunes integration: Drag and drop straight from iTunes to your Audiobook Builder projects. Audiobook Builder can also send its output directly to a special playlist in iTunes.
Quite a memory: Each Audiobook Builder project’s audio data is contained in the project document file, so you are free to start a project now, take a break and return to finish your project later. You can even move projects between Macs, if necessary.
What’s New:
Version 2.1:
New Features
Brings compatibility enhancements for macOS 10.15 Catalina’s Music, and Books. Look in Audiobook Builder’s preferences for new settings to automatically add your audiobooks to Books or Music.
Improves temporary file management
Enhanced for better compatibility with a wider variety of homemade audio files
Includes minor user interface fixes and adjustments
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor