xScope 4.7.1 破解版 – 设计辅助软件

xScope 4.7.1 破解版 – 设计辅助软件

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xScope 4.7.1 破解版 – 设计辅助软件
xScope 4.7.1 破解版 – 设计辅助软件
xScope 4.7.1 破解版 – 设计辅助软件

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Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope is a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. xScope’s tools float above your desktop windows and can be accessed via a toolbar, menubar and/or hot keys.
The ten tools that will help you do your job faster and more accurately include:
Remote Viewing – Easily view Photoshop, files or windows on your iOS device, AirPlay, or your wrist.
Templates - Automatically shows icon or wallpaper mockup on iOS
Chromeless UI – No overlaid chrome to get in the way while you work
Security – Toggle user authentication requests on/off via Preferences
Download the xScope Mirror App for iOS at
Text - New!
Powerful Search – For name or tag in any of the 100,000+ Unicode characters
Decipher Text – Deciphers text entities, encodings, constants, and more!
Convert Format – Output text as a string, entities, URL encoding, and more!
Measure Glyphs – Shows line, character or web layout: including font metrics & CSS
Character Palette – A handy place to collect commonly used Unicode characters
Find the dimensions of anything on screen instantly
Find distance between objects quickly & easily
Create screen shots of any measured element
Powerful on-screen rulers for pixel measurements
Two rulers with synchronization for easy on-screen comparison
Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
Fully adjustable horizontal & vertical lengths
Full 360 degree rotation range
Displays deltas for rotated rulers
Overlay - New!
Enhances Your Web Browser – Attaches to window to make development easier
Alignment Marks – Check positioning & distances in px/em/pt and percentages
Mockup Image – A transparent design comp over your HTML and CSS code
Grids with Breakpoints – Grid systems that stay in sync with your media queries
Cycle Breakpoints – Quickly check your design at all sizes used in your CSS
Full-page Screenshot – Get a picture of your whole web page
Works with iOS Simulator – Great for testing in Safari or developing native apps
Easily see the usable real estate for any screen size
Organized by platform including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & TV
Pre-defined screen templates or create your own
Displays title and game safe areas for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio TVs.
Simulate user vision problems including color blindness & presbyopia (old age)
De-retinizer to simulate normal display when using Retina display
Define custom area settings for any OS or browser
Magnify any portion of the screen under your mouse
Displays color under your cursor in RGB, HSB, HEX, CSS3 rgb() & HTML
Quick measurement of magnified image using Dimensions
Reference color format: work with a hex color while viewing RGB format
Collect a running list of color swatches with Shift-Cmd-C
Save out or import .ACO color swatch files for easy reference
Simulate user vision problems including color blindness & presbyopia (old age)
Displays co-ordinates of mouse cursor for reference
The content of the window or the mouse position can be locked
Vertical & horizontal guides that float on top of all else on the screen
Displays guide position in pixels when placed
Displays distance between guides in pixels
Save & load guide positions for later reference
Supports multiple monitors
Adjustable marker boxes float on top of the screen
Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
Cmd-Shift-5 to shrink a selection around on screen content & create a frame
Display preset grids to help compose frame layouts
Create, move, duplicate & edit frames at will
Save & load frame positions for later reference
Reports the coordinate position of the mouse cursor
Change origin from the upper-left (design work) to lower-left (development work)
What’s New:
Version 4.4
Fixed a potential crash on an upcoming version of macOS
Added checks and prompts for new macOS Screen Recording permissions
Fixed text clipping in some popup menus
Updated app to use new macOS security requirements