WiFi Signal 4.4.11 破解版 – 实用的WiFi信号监测工具

WiFi Signal 4.4.11 破解版 – 实用的WiFi信号监测工具

WiFi Signal 是一个系统菜单栏的应用程序,可以轻松访问您的Wi-Fi连接的详细信息(名称,频道,传输速率,信号强度,噪声等),监控您的无线网络的信号质量,并能找到和建议为您的网络的替代渠道




WiFi Signal 4.4.11 破解版 – 实用的WiFi信号监测工具
WiFi Signal 4.4.11 破解版 – 实用的WiFi信号监测工具
WiFi Signal 4.4.11 破解版 – 实用的WiFi信号监测工具

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WiFi Signal 是一个系统菜单栏的应用程序,可以轻松访问您的Wi-Fi连接的详细信息(名称,频道,传输速率,信号强度,噪声等),监控您的无线网络的信号质量,并能找到和建议为您的网络的替代渠道,从而避免信号重叠,渠道冲突。

WiFi Signal is a system menu bar application that provides easy access to your Wi-Fi connection details (name, channel, transmit rate, signal strength, noise, etc.), monitors the signal quality of your wireless network, and can find and recommend alternative channels for your network thus avoiding signal overlapping and channel conflicts that can result in connectivity issues and performance degradation.
Simple, straightforward user interface
Accurate dBm to percentage conversion
Real-time signal strength and noise level graph
Signal quality ratings based on Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) measurements
Automatic channel recommendations
Comprehensive app’s help describes how to use the tool the most effective way
What’s New:
Version 4.4.1
Fixes an issue where the MCS index was not shown in specific systems even if the metric was available.
Removes support to display the maximum transmit rate as the Wi-Fi adapter doesn’t longer report this metric accurately.
Updates vendors database.
Also in version 4.4:
Adds support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
Adds the ability to display annotations in notifications (see Preferences > Notifications).
Adds the ability to display the number of spatial streams (supported Mac models only) in the status display using pattern %L (see Preferences > Status).
Adds support to display annotations created in WiFi Explorer Pro 3 automatically.
Fixes crash that may occur when viewing event logs.
New app’s icon and help book.
Other bug fixes and improvements.
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64 bit