Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件

Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件

Weawow 是专业的天气预报软件天气数据覆盖很广泛,支持全球各地使用,可以通过定位来为你实时推送天气情况,可以查询未来15天的天气,并且有恶劣天气的时候会直接发送通知




Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件
Weather & Widget - Weawow 4.9.2 破解版 – 天气预报软件

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Weawow 是专业的天气预报软件,以没有广告和界面精美著称,不过软件内是由内购的,这里就给大家带来了付费解锁版,可以直接使用高级功能。软件天气数据覆盖很广泛,支持全球各地使用,可以通过定位来为你实时推送天气情况,可以查询未来15天的天气,并且有恶劣天气的时候会直接发送通知
Weawow is a beautiful and highly accurate weather forecast application. You can also sell your photos at the Weawow marketplace.
• Free without advertisement: No annoying advertisements are displayed at all.
• Beautiful photos and weather forecast: The beautiful photos posted by users are matched with the weather forecast and displayed, so you can see the weather conditions from the photographs.
• Corresponding weather forecast: live weather, today weather, tomorrow weather, 48 hour weather, weekly weather.
• Accurate and detailed weather: highest temperature, lowest temperature, live temperature, apparent (feels-like) temperature, probability of rain, precipitation, humidity, dew point, clouds cover, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, UV index, visibility, air Quality, pollen.
• Covers worldwide: Countries, cities, spots, places, and local that can be searched using Google search.
• Supported languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and 50 more languages.
• Animated radar map: rainy situation, temperature, cloud movement, wind movement, atmospheric pressure. All of these information can be seen up to 14 days ahead.
• Sun and Moon: Sunrise time, sunset time, twilight, moon phases, full moon day, new moon day, age of the moon.
• Bookmark: Manage your favorite places with bookmarks.
• Simple interface: You can get the necessary information by simply scrolling down the screen.
• Choose your favorite theme: Dark theme and white theme are available.
• Severe Weather Alerts.
Beautiful widgets
• Weather forecast widget with pictures: Enjoy a richer home screen with beautiful pictures and weather forecast.
• Around 10 types of widget: Sizes range from 1x1 to 4x4. Changeable font size, background transparency, color, place, local time.
• Real time update: Automatically get the latest weather forecast.
• GPS support: Even if you move to another local, you will automatically get the weather information for that local.
• Clock, date: Supports local time. Launches calendar application and clock application.
Daily notification and On-going notification
• Push notification: Notifies the weather forecast for that day at the specified time.
• On-going notification: weather information up to 8 hours ahead, weekly weather, current weather.
• Weather on the status bar: Current temperature, today’s highest temperature, today’s lowest temperature, weather type.
Covers worldwide, in all cities
• Examples of supported countries: United State (US), Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom (UK), Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and all other countries.
• Examples of supported cities: Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Boston, Houston, Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, St Louis, Cleveland, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, Athens, Prague, Warsaw, Kyiv, Moscow, Ankara, New Delhi, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and all other cities and local.
Fixed several minor issues.
Requirements: Android 4.4+ | File size: 10,25 MB