SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 破解版 – iOS内容管理软件

SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 破解版 – iOS内容管理软件

SyncBird Pro for Mac是一款运行在Mac平台上的iOS内容管理软件,你可以使用SyncBird Mac版在iPhone、iPad和Mac之间转移音乐、照片、视频、书籍等内容




SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 破解版 – iOS内容管理软件
SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 破解版 – iOS内容管理软件
SyncBird Pro 4.0.18 破解版 – iOS内容管理软件

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SyncBird Pro for Mac是一款运行在Mac平台上的iOS内容管理软件,你可以使用SyncBird Mac版在iPhone、iPad和Mac之间转移音乐、照片、视频、书籍等内容,SyncBird Mac版还支持转换格式、双向同步、导入等实用的功能。
SyncBird Pro is an iPhone file manager that makes iOS sync and iTunes cleaning at a glance. Transfer music, playlists, photos, videos, books–everything–between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac without using iTunes. SyncBird’s exclusive features named PhoneCare and TunesClean are made to reclaim more free space on your iPhone and iTunes. Without extra effort, SyncBird will give you a daily, thorough cleanup so that you’ll be always free from the storage boundary.
Better design yields better products, so we challenged ourselves to bring Google Material Design to the new macOS platform. The surface, motion, color, and every element in SyncBird, were chosen to give you an exciting and delightful experience.
Flash Sync – Optimized for Flash/SSD storage and with instant Add-to-iPhone feature, SyncBird offers better iOS content management experience.
4K Support – A10 chip and M10 coprocessor give monster performance on 4K video playback. SyncBird puts 4K movies on your iPhone, iPad in one go.
Auto-Conversion – Whatever movies you like, SyncBird helps trans-code your videos to .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats, which suit best on Apple devices.
Two-Way Sync – Transfer music, videos, photos and probably all your iOS content, to / from your iPhone and iPod. Free your devices from iTunes limits.
Unlimited Import – Add new songs and movies to your iPhone, iPad and iPod from multiple iTunes library on different computers. No iTunes involed.
Drag-and-Drop – The most straightforward way to populate your iPhone media library is by dragging-and-dropping. Time to use your iPhone like Finder.
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later