Switch 11.09 破解版 – SSH快捷菜单

Switch 11.09 破解版 – SSH快捷菜单





Switch 11.09 破解版 – SSH快捷菜单
Switch 11.09 破解版 – SSH快捷菜单
Switch 11.09 破解版 – SSH快捷菜单

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Switch is like a shortcut menu to run the shell command, a simple SSH shortcut menu.
Create a configuration file – You can refer to the example.json sample configuration file to create a configuration file that suits your work, with a reasonable configuration, you can improve your work efficiency
Select the terminal to execute the shell command – You can choose either the system default terminal or the iTerm terminal. iTerm is a popular iTerm terminal and I really like to use it. However, considering that many people may not have iTerm terminal installed, I set the terminal that comes with the system as the default
Switching profiles at any time – Depending on your work habits, depending on what you are working on, you can switch profiles whenever and wherever you want
What’s New:
Version 1.1.2:
Fix macOS Big Sur no notification
Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later