Royal TSX 6.1 破解版 – 最强远程管理软件

Royal TSX 6.1 破解版 – 最强远程管理软件

Royal TSX 激活版是mac系统上一款功能非常强大的远程连接管理工具。兼容多种连接类型,比如:RDP、VNC、基于SSH连接的终端,支持sfTP/FTP/SCP或基于Web的连接管理,Royal TSX 都可以满足您的要求




Royal TSX 6.1 破解版 – 最强远程管理软件
Royal TSX 6.1 破解版 – 最强远程管理软件
Royal TSX 6.1 破解版 – 最强远程管理软件

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Royal TSX 激活版是mac系统上一款功能非常强大的远程连接管理工具。兼容多种连接类型,比如:RDP、VNC、基于SSH连接的终端,支持sfTP/FTP/SCP或基于Web的连接管理,Royal TSX 都可以满足您的要求!内置的凭证管理,安全的团队共享功能,共享连接列表,而无需共享您的个人凭据
Royal TSX is a Powerful Connection Management
Compatible with a variety of connection types
Using RDP, VNC, SSH based terminals, S/FTP or web-based interfaces?
No worries, Royal TSX got you covered!
Built-in credential management. Safe team-sharing features.
Share a list of connections, without sharing your personal credentials.
Command Tasks and Key Sequence Tasks make it easy to quickly automate repetitive tasks.
SSH-based tunneling (Secure Gateway) support is tightly integrated in Royal TSX.
Dynamic Folders allow you to dynamically import data from external sources.
Safe Connection Sharing
You can assign a credential to connections by specifying the name of the credential. This allows you to share a document containing only connections while your personal credential is stored in a private document, protected by your password.
Document Synchronization
Royal TSX can handle documents opened by multiple users at the same time and allows you to synchronize document changes without the need for a SQL database back-end! Simply use a network share or cloud storage service (such as Dropbox).
External Credential Sources
Royal TSX tightly integrates with 1Password, LastPass and KeePass.
Documents created using these password management systems can be opened and the contained credentials can be used just like regular Royal TSX credentials.
Royal TSX documents are fully interchangeable and compatible with Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSX (for macOS), Royal TSi (for iOS) and Royal TSD (for Android).