PreviewJson 1.0.3 破解版 – Json预览工具

PreviewJson 1.0.3 破解版 – Json预览工具

PreviewJson for Mac为封装流行JSON格式的文档提供QuickLook文件预览和文件图标缩略图的一款应用




PreviewJson 1.0.3 破解版 – Json预览工具
PreviewJson 1.0.3 破解版 – Json预览工具

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PreviewJson for Mac为封装流行JSON格式的文档提供QuickLook文件预览和文件图标缩略图的一款应用,提供两个应用扩展:JSON Previewer 和 JSON Thumbnailer,使用它您可以查看带有或不带有 JSON对象和数组标记的预览,选择您喜欢的缩进级别、预览演示字体和对象键的颜色
Easy JSON QuickLook previews and icon thumbnails.
PreviewJson provides QuickLook file previews and file icon thumbnails for documents encapsulating the popular JSON format. You can view previews with or without JSON object and array markers, choose your preferred level of indentation, the preview presentation font, and the colour of object keys.
The app provides two app extensions: JSON Previewer and JSON Thumbnailer, which can be viewed and managed in macOS’ System Preferences > Extensions. The app itself is a container for these extensions, and is used to set your preferences.
You must run the app first to gain these benefits.
What’s New:
Version 1.0.1
Correct some text style discrepancies.
Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later