MobaXterm 24.0 破解版 – SSH、Telnet、VNC客户端

MobaXterm 24.0 破解版 – SSH、Telnet、VNC客户端

MobaXterm Professional 是一款功能强大的网络软件,它为远程计算(SSH、Telnet、VNC等)提供了一个单一应用程序的终极工具箱




MobaXterm 24.0 破解版 – SSH、Telnet、VNC客户端

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MobaXterm Professional 是一款功能强大的网络软件,它为远程计算(SSH、Telnet、VNC等)提供了一个单一应用程序的终极工具箱。它是一个增强型的Windows终端,将所有必要的Unix命令带到了Windows中。
MobaXterm Professional 拥有远程桌面、转发、远程终端(RDP、VNC、SSH、telnet、rlogin、Mosh等)等一切所需。
此外,它还拥有一些可以作为功能的插件,比如。Unix命令(bash, grep, cat, ls, sed, rsync, awk, …)等。在一个软件包中提供所有的网络工具有其优势。
MobaXterm Since COVID has entered the world back in 2019, everything has gone virtual including businesses, jobs and studies. So, it’s necessary to handle those remote tasks effectively and if you are looking to handle your remote jobs in a simpler yet professional way, then we’ve got your back with a software application named MobaXterm.
Overview of MobaXterm:
MobaXterm 21 serial key is a comprehensive software application designed specifically for remote computing which contains all the features to help users of any type in the handling of their remote tasks.
The software has two editions: Home and Professional. If you are using a system at home, then it’s recommended to use the Home edition, which is completely free. The Professional edition is intended for business use, as it has all the advanced (paid) features. So, choose the one according to your need and let the software help you with remote jobs.
Key Features of MobaXterm:
1: Network Toolbox:
When you download and install the software, you will have all the necessary UNIX commands (bash, cat, sed, grep, rsync and many more) and remote network tools (SSH, RDP, FTP, MOSH and many more) in your windows system that will help you solve the network issues remotely. Not only that, but the software also gives you the advantage of connecting to a remote server with the help of SSH and this will open an SFTP browser remotely, so you can edit the remote files directly.
2: Seamlessly View Remote Applications:
Even if you want to view the remote applications on your Windows desktop, you can do that by using the embedded X server of this software (as well) and the software will display the applications seamlessly (without any interruption).
3: Secured SSH Connections:
You don’t need to worry about the security of the information (files and graphical applications) you are transferring because the software has used secure SSH connections to protect your information from any kinds of threats.
4: Tabs-based Terminal:
MobaXterm with license key is a bit like a tabbed SSH terminal, but with the support of macro and smoother fonts.
5: Plugins and Addons:
MobaXterm 21 is a comprehensive software application despite that, if you want to enhance the functionalities of the software even more, then you can always add plugins and add-ons according to your need. However, this will increase the percentage of the system’s resource utilization, but that won’t be a problem because it uses the least of system resources.
6: Portability:
The MobaXterm with torrent also allows its users to use the .exe file of this software from a USB stick because it doesn’t use many system resources.
Mobatek has released version 21.2 of MobaXterm on 14th June 2021 and they have made various improvements and fixes in this version and there’s a complete list has been provided from Mobatek on the official website.
Mobatek hasn’t provided the required hardware for using this software because it’s a lightweight software application. However, we’ve tested this software on the system of the following capabilities:
MobaXterm 21.2 Requires 1GB of RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space.
MobaXterm 21 will run on a system having a 1GHz (Intel Dual Core or higher) processor.
MobaXterm v21.2 supports Windows-7, Windows-8/8.1, and Windows-10.
Extract the Setup zip file and Install MobaXterm 21 by running the MobaXterm_installer_21.2.msi file and after it.
Open the Crack MX folder and Extract the Keygen zip file.
Run the Keygen file as an admin and Generate license key as per your desired Version Educational/Personal/Professional.
All Done! Enjoy the free and fully registered product.