Minimal Audio Rift 2.2.0r2 破解版 – 失真效果器

Minimal Audio Rift 2.2.0r2 破解版 – 失真效果器

多极处理引擎。 使用 30 种独特的算法来创建巨大的失真效果,这些算法经过精心调整以获得详细的声音和周到的增益分级




Minimal Audio Rift 2.2.0r2 破解版 – 失真效果器

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欢迎使用 Rift,一款极富创意的多效果插件。 因其快速的工作流程和精致的声音而受到世界各地电子音乐制作人的喜爱。
多极处理引擎。 使用 30 种独特的算法来创建巨大的失真效果,这些算法经过精心调整以获得详细的声音和周到的增益分级。
Welcome to Rift, a deeply creative multi-effect plugin. Loved by electronic music producers around the world for its fast workflow and refined sound.
Multi-polar processing engine. Create massive distortion effects with 30 unique algorithms hand tuned for a detailed sound with thoughtful gain staging.
Far beyond traditional distortion. Physical modeling feedback and advanced morphing filters make Rift much more than another
multi-effect plugin.
Tune absolutely everything. Intuitive pitch snapping, scale presets, and MIDI tracking blur the line between effect and instrument.
Flexible multi-band effects. Send any combination of distortion, feedback, and filtering through the multi-band crossover to keep the effect exactly where you want.
Dark mode. Now built for night owls. Switch between light and dark modes with the click of a button.
Powerful curve sequencing. Effortlessly draw modulation shapes and assign them to any parameter. Save and load presets, randomize, edit, and undo.
Endless preset library. Get inspired by 400+ presets and intelligently randomize them into infinite variations.
System Requirements
OSX: OSX 10.9 or higher (32 / 64 bit).