KiCad 7.0.8 – 原理图快速设计

KiCad 7.0.8 – 原理图快速设计





KiCad 7.0.8 – 原理图快速设计

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KiCad is a unique software product that allows you to open, create, and develop electronic circuits for subsequent display of the printed circuit board design in interactive viewing. In fact, this is a whole set of programs belonging to a separate class EDA - Electronics Design Automation. Built-in components will allow you not only to create, but also to visualize and check the correctness of ERC rules.
This software allows you to develop complex circuit diagrams using electronic component databases and check signal integrity. It includes free applications, open bases and templates and libraries.
Using KiCad, the user will be able to create truly professional printed circuit board layouts, well-designed electrical circuit diagrams of up to 32 layers of copper. Now, the program has a push-to-shove router for working with differential pairs and an interactive tool for adjusting the length of tracks.
The functions of the integrated 3D Viewer will allow you to rotate and see what a simple 2D design does not allow you to see. Rendering options will make the view more comfortable.
Main functions
• Built-in 3D PCB viewer.
• Actually, kicad itself is a project manager.
• Built-in schema editor – eeschema.
• Editor of symbolic designations of circuits and components.
• Component for editing printed circuit boards (pcbnew).
• A tool that allows you to edit footprint templates.
• 3D viewer of finished boards based on OpenGL.
• View Gerber photo templates (gerbview).
• Integrated component (cvpcb) for selecting a footprint on the board for elements corresponding to the elements on the circuit diagram.
• Convenient text editor for displaying logs with reports.