Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter 2.0.0 破解版 – Live Photo格式转换器

Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter 2.0.0 破解版 – Live Photo格式转换器




Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter 2.0.0 破解版 – Live Photo格式转换器

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Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter Mac是mac上一款非常好用的Live Photo格式转换器,可以帮助用户一次转换多个Live Photo文件,并以最优质的格式输出各种格式,如JPG,PNG,GIF,BMP,WEBP等。而且可以让您提取一个特定的帧并将其转换为流行的格式以便更好地共享,操作简单又快捷,欢迎需要的朋友前来下载!
Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter is competent to convert any iPhone or Android Live photos to GIF images that can be shared and other common formats still images, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, MBP, etc. to see old iPhone and other users than iPhone. With the support of the preview function in real time, you can easily convert a Live Photo at a time or more in a batch. And you can also choose to remove a frame or all frames of a single Live Photo.
In addition, you can also freely adjust the photo quality, resolution and aspect ratio, keep the EXIF information as you want, etc. The clear interface and sharp buttons Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter enable all operate without any hassle
Key features of Joyoshare LivePhoto Converter:
Easily convert live photos JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WEBP, TIFF
support convert images into live single and batch mode.
Support to adjust the photo quality, aspect ratio, resolution, etc.
Convert photos live to other common formats in seconds
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