GoToFile 1.6.4 破解版 – 本地文件快速查找工具

GoToFile 1.6.4 破解版 – 本地文件快速查找工具





GoToFile 1.6.4 破解版 – 本地文件快速查找工具
GoToFile 1.6.4 破解版 – 本地文件快速查找工具
GoToFile 1.6.4 破解版 – 本地文件快速查找工具

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GoToFile is a fast, flexible and accurate utility to find files and folders on your Mac.
Type a few characters and GoToFile will show matching items instantaneous. Fuzzy Search means you can leave out characters and type only the more pregnant ones. It’s just the order that matters. Typing upper-case characters will favour items with those characters at word boundaries. GoToFile can search by file name or by complete path.
Prefix your search term with a ‘+’ to match by Regular Expressions. If, for example, you are looking for files having the suffix “pdf” you’d enter +pdf$. Regular Expressions can also be used to exclude items from the result. In this case prefix the expression with “-“.
GoToFile uses search sets called projects. A project consists of one or more folders to search and rules which state which subfolders are to be ignored and which items are to be excluded from or included in the index. Indexes are kept in memory and updated automatically.
Once an item is found GoToFile offers several actions: Open the item with its default application (⏎) or with the currently active application (⇧⏎). Copy its path to the clipboard (⌥⏎) or type it into the currently active application (⌘⏎). An action icon will be shown so you know what happens before you press Return.
GoToFile also provides basic file management funtionality. You can rename (⌃⏎), copy (⌃C ⌃V), move (⌃X ⌃V), and duplicate (⌃D) items.
You get a QuickLook preview of the selected item by pressing ⇧ twice.
Drag&Drop is supported. Drag an item’s icon to any application to open/copy/move/link it.
Sometimes files or folders have very common names. You’ll end up with a long list of similarly named items in different locations. In this case you can select path components (⌃←, ⌃→) and choose to focus on this path (⌘=) or exclude everything below it (⌘-) from the search result. This ad-hoc filter does not modify the project settings and can be easily reset (⌘⎋).
You just downloaded a file and want to open it? You just saved a file in one application and want to open it in another one? Open the search panel and press ⌘R to switch to Recent Items mode. GoToFile presents a searchable list of recently created/modified items ordered by creation/modification date in descending order.
If you know the name of an item, you search for it by name. If you don’t, you can use GoToFile’s built-in Browser mode to explore the filesystem. Switch between modes by pressing ↹. If you’ve found a folder you’d like to search, select it and press ⌘⇧S to create a virtual project from it search. In Search Mode you can press ⌘⇧B to reveal the selected item in Browser Mode.
GoToFile offers three system services: Search, Search Similar, and Browse. They appear in the context menu of Finder in the Services submenu. Using these services you can quickly search or browse any folder from Finder. Search Similar behaves like Search but sets the current file/folder name as search string. Using the Keyboard System Preferences panel you can assign keyboard shortcuts to these services for a more streamlined workflow.
GoToFile supports all macOS versions from Sierra (10.12) to Monterey (12). It requires a 64bit Intel or Apple Silicon Mac. Both architectures are supported natively.