Filmage Screen 1.4.7 破解版 – 录屏屏幕录制编辑剪辑软件

Filmage Screen 1.4.7 破解版 – 录屏屏幕录制编辑剪辑软件

Filmage Screen for Mac最佳屏幕录像机,屏幕镜像和编辑器。Filmage Screen是一个多合一的视频工具箱,您可以在Mac上录制高清视频,镜像iOS屏幕,编辑视频,制作GIF动画,转换视频以及执行更多操作




Filmage Screen 1.4.7 破解版 – 录屏屏幕录制编辑剪辑软件
Filmage Screen 1.4.7 破解版 – 录屏屏幕录制编辑剪辑软件
Filmage Screen 1.4.7 破解版 – 录屏屏幕录制编辑剪辑软件

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Filmage Screen for Mac最佳屏幕录像机,屏幕镜像和编辑器。Filmage Screen是一个多合一的视频工具箱,您可以在Mac上录制高清视频,镜像iOS屏幕,编辑视频,制作GIF动画,转换视频以及执行更多操作。
Filmage Screen Recorder 是一款 All-in-one 一站式视频录制,视频编辑软件。支持录制屏幕,画中画录制,录声音,剪辑视频,批量转换视频格式,视频放,制作 GIF 动画,管理文件,分享等。Filmage Screen 是录制网课,会议,视频教程,游戏教程等必备视频软件,不限录制时间
Iimage Screen Recorder=屏幕录制+录音+视频编辑+格式转视频播放+GF 制作+媒体文件管理+会议录制
Filmage Screen 是一款轻便,操作简单的屏幕录制和视频编辑软件,集最好的屏幕录制,录音,免费视频编辑器,视频格式转换器和 GFS 导出,视频媒体播放器于身,是处理视频的一站式解決方案!
Filmage Screen 简单易用,直观,轻便且稳定。有了它,您可以创建新的屏幕录像。录制您的 Mac 屏幕,或使用内置相机创建新影片,或镜像投影 ipad/ iphone,屏幕。无论如何,它使您工作无懈可击。
当你准备录制时,可以录制全屏幕,或者选择特定目标窗口,或者直接拖拽自定义区域进行捕获內容。如果您需要录制抖音,快手,Youtube 等影片,只需使用内置相机或 Logitech 网络摄像头即可。或者,您也可以使用 USB 捕获和镜像 iPad 和 iphone 屏幕。录制后,您可以直接进入编辑模式进行视频编辑和注释。Filmage Screen 录屏大师提供了全套视频编辑工具。
Filmage Screen 视频转換器支持您将任何视频转换 MP4, Apple Prores, MOV,3 GP, VOB, MKV, M4 V, WMV, AV, MPG, FLV, F4 V, SWF, TS 等多种视频格式。Filmage Screen 还是 GF 动画制作器,可让您将视频导出为 GF 动画。Filmage Screen 也可以是媒体播放器。只将视频或电影拖动到 app 上,它将成为您专属播放器。
Filmage Screen 完全没有广告,让您工作不受广告干扰。它的作用超出了您的想象。
Filmage Screen = Screen Recorder + Audio Recorder + Video Editor + Video Format Converter + Video Player + GIF Maker + Media Management + Meeting Record
Filmage Screen Recorder is an all-in-one screen recording and video editing software, allowing you to make videos amazing. It is easy-to-use, intuitive, light and stable. With this screen flow on mac, you can create a new screen recording. Record and capture your mac screen, or create a new movie with your built-in camera, or mirror your iPad/iPhone screen. This user-friendly screen recording app helps you easily record online courses, game play tricks, product demos, presentations, online meetings and more. No matter what, it makes you work flawlessly. After recording, you can directly enter editing mode.
Filmage Screen is any video converter. It enables you to convert any videos to MP4, Apple ProRes, MOV, 3GP, VOB, MKV, M4V, WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, F4V, SWF, TS, and more other formats. Filmage Screen is also an animated GIF maker, allowing you to export and save as GIFs. Filmage Screen can also be a media player. Just drag video or movie to it, it will be your quicktime media player.
Filmage Screen is totally ad-free, letting you work without interruption. Filmage Screen can be your best and last screen recorder and video editor, and video converter app for mac.
Record a full screen, a target window or any custom areas
Picture in picture mode helps to create a video overlay that you place one video on top of another video and then play them simultaneously.
External camera equipment supported when using picture in picture mode.
Scheduled recorder supports to schedule a screen recording. It will start / stop recording automatically
Use your built-in camera or use Logitech webcam to create YouTube movies
Record iPhone/iPad screen and mirror iPhone/iPad
Record Mac and iPad/iPhone screen simultaneously
Capture audio system sound, microphone sound, or any other sound with system built-in microphone, computer sound card or any audio input devices
Auto Mode supports to record online meetings, online courses with ease
Set different Frame Rates(15fps-60fps) for a smoother video
Support to set cursor effect for a better presentation
No recording time limits
Convert any videos to MP4, MOV, 3GP, VOB, MKV, M4V, WMV, AVI, MPG, FLV, F4V, SWF, TS, and more other video formats
Export your videos as animated GIFs(GIF maker)
Batch converter allows to convert videos to the same format or different formats simultaneously
Enhance videos with full editing suite for faster, easier editing
Drag videos, audios, images into video timeline and move them as you like
Professional video edit suite with voiceover and dynamic subtitle effect, highly customizable
Edit video with basic editing tools: texts box, shapes, freehand drawing, music, and edit with split, cut, delete and more
Customize the content / color / size / position of text to create personalized subtitles as text watermarks for copyright protection
Support play almost any video format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, F4V, F4B, more
Upload and share media files to Youtube and other platforms
Easily rename, edit, convert, play, export or delete video files
Version 1.2
New Updates!
Auto Mode added to easily record online meetings or online courses.
Support remembering the last recording area selection.
Tiny bugs fixed, improve stability.
Compatibility: macOS 10.15.6 or later 64-bit