Downcast 2.11.26 破解版 – Podcast订阅工具

Downcast 2.11.26 破解版 – Podcast订阅工具

Downcast 是Mac os平台上的一款Podcast订阅工具,它的很多功能都直指原版Podcast的弱点




Downcast 2.11.26 破解版 – Podcast订阅工具
Downcast 2.11.26 破解版 – Podcast订阅工具
Downcast 2.11.26 破解版 – Podcast订阅工具

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Downcast 是Mac os平台上的一款Podcast订阅工具,它的很多功能都直指原版Podcast的弱点。。
• 搜索、 订阅和下载音频和视频播客
• 通过 URL手动订阅播客
• 自动下载播客 (包括恢复下载)
• 浏览和下载更旧的播客节目
• 基于日程安排自动更新播客源
• 设置为自动下载和事件的保留 (全球和每个播客)
• 通过 OPML导入和导出播客源
• 导入支持音频和视频媒体文件
• 支持受密码保护的源
• 创建和编辑"聪明"的播放列表
• 查看播客详细信息和插曲显示注释
• 重命名播客订阅名称
iCloud 同步
• 同步播客订阅、 播放、 设置和与其他 Mac 和 iOS 设备 * * 通过 iCloud 的集信息
Downcast, the popular iOS podcast app is now available for OS X! Download, play and sync** your favorite podcasts with an intuitive interface built specifically for podcasts.
Subscription Features
Search, subscribe to and download audio and video podcasts
Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL
Download podcasts automatically (including resuming downloads)
Browse and download older podcast episodes
Auto-update podcast feeds based on schedule
Settings for auto-download and episode retention (globally and per-podcast)
Import and export podcast feeds via OPML
Import supported audio/video media files
Support for password-protected feeds
Create and edit “smart” playlists
View podcast details and episode show notes
Rename podcast subscription names
iCloud Syncing
Sync podcast subscriptions, playlists, settings and episode information with other Macs and iOS devices** via iCloud
Playback Features
.5x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.25x, 2.5x, 2.75x and 3x speed playback*
Chapters support for enhanced podcasts
Stream episodes without downloading
What’s New:
Version 2.9.51
Fixes a crash when trying to import media files
Enables 1.75x playback rate
Please note that this change prevents syncing playback speed with versions of Downcast prior to v2.
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor