ClickCharts Pro 9.18 破解版 – 轻量级思维导图软件

ClickCharts Pro 9.18 破解版 – 轻量级思维导图软件

ClickCharts pro是Mac上非常不错的一款流程图制作工具。具有资源占用小、功能齐全的特点。用户可以使用ClickCharts Mac破解版轻松地制作专业的流程图或示意图,同时支持多种格式导出




ClickCharts Pro 9.18 破解版 – 轻量级思维导图软件
ClickCharts Pro 9.18 破解版 – 轻量级思维导图软件
ClickCharts Pro 9.18 破解版 – 轻量级思维导图软件

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ClickCharts pro是Mac上非常不错的一款流程图制作工具。具有资源占用小、功能齐全的特点。用户可以使用ClickCharts Mac破解版轻松地制作专业的流程图或示意图,同时支持多种格式导出。ClickCharts Mac版类似于思维导图,通过图形的展示来表达用户的思路。让所有人更好的理解
Easily create a visual representation of a process, organization, mind map or other diagram. Flowcharts provide a unique way of organizing and displaying data so that even highly detailed and complex processes are easier to understand. This makes our flow chart software an ideal method to visualize your data, troubleshoot and optimize processes, and share information.
Visualize complex processes and organizations
Create value stream and data flow diagrams
Identify bottlenecks and find opportunities to optimize processes
Flowchart Making Features
Includes more than 40 chart templates to get you started
Choose from a variety of symbols and line connector styles
Create UML (Unified Modeling Language) standard visual modeling diagrams
Edit and customize fonts, colors, fills and strokes
Simple editing functions include copy, paste, undo and more
Create and print large diagrams utilizing seamless sheet overlapping
Open and edit multiple charts and diagrams simultaneously
Detail control for artistic styles for filling and lining
Export flow charts as JPG, GIF, PNG or other image file formats to share or use in other applications. View all file formats
Auto-connect lets you easily indicate relationships
You can export a ClickCharts file to the following formats:
Adobe Photoshop Document (*.psd)
Avid TARGA (*.tga)
Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
JPEG 2000 (*.jp2)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (
Microsoft Bitmap (*.bmp)
Personal Computer Exchange (*.pcx)
Portable Anymap (
Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
Progressive Graphics File (*.pgf)
PDF File (*.pdf)
Sun Raster (*.ras)
Tagged Image File Format (
Wireless Bitmap (*.wbmp)
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