Cinemagraph Pro 2.11 破解版 – 图片特效编辑工具

Cinemagraph Pro 2.11 破解版 – 图片特效编辑工具

Cinemagraph Pro是一款 Mac 上的照片特效编辑工具,这款软件可以使用应用程序独有的“实时蒙版”技术来实时通过高清(1080)甚至超高清(4K)输出来预览他们的混合照片




Cinemagraph Pro 2.11 破解版 – 图片特效编辑工具
Cinemagraph Pro 2.11 破解版 – 图片特效编辑工具
Cinemagraph Pro 2.11 破解版 – 图片特效编辑工具

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Captivates your audience by creating living pictures with cinemagraph Pro.
Cinemagraph Pro is a professional tool designed specifically for creating photo living. Its unique technology of “living mask” allows artists to preview live images in real time and export hybrid HD photographs (1080) and UHD (4000) quality.
Its intuitive interface lets you quickly navigate from a full range of editing modes and share with the world your living pictures with just a few clicks. I had never been so easy to create beautiful images cinemagraph professional category.
Intuitive creation. Quick results.
● cinemagraph Pro provides a complete set of editing tools to create quickly and easily.
● Set: Identify your ideal sequence and set the set to create a continuous loop in a few seconds image.
● Still featuredImage: Customize your work or eliminates imperfections easily export the still image.
● Mask: Select a specific area of photography and encourage her by applying a “living mask” image motion.
● Loop: Select style repeat loop or rebound, the crossfade loop and speed. Add an interval between loops to provide a surprising effect.
● Effects: Preview instantly almost 30 integrated custom filters.
Rendered in HD:
● HD or UHD exported as video or GIF to make an old school style.
Share with the world
● Whether creating ads for a marketing campaign via internet or by making beautiful cinemagraphs at a wedding, upload your awesome flixels high resolution or share them on various social networks.
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Version 2.9:
Support for macOS 11 Big Sur