Byword 2.9.6 破解版 – 简洁优秀的Markdown编辑器

Byword 2.9.6 破解版 – 简洁优秀的Markdown编辑器

Byword是一款在 OS X 上非常小巧简洁的文字编辑软件,可能你觉得现在文字编辑软件太多,但你一定要用下Byword,它可以帮助你把所有的精力全部放在写作上




Byword 2.9.6 破解版 – 简洁优秀的Markdown编辑器
Byword 2.9.6 破解版 – 简洁优秀的Markdown编辑器
Byword 2.9.6 破解版 – 简洁优秀的Markdown编辑器

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Byword是一款在 OS X 上非常小巧简洁的文字编辑软件,可能你觉得现在文字编辑软件太多,但你一定要用下Byword,它可以帮助你把所有的精力全部放在写作上。

Byword is designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown on your Mac.
Designed to make writing more enjoyable using Markdown
Sync text documents across all your Mac, iPhone, iPad devices
Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for extra efficiency
Alternate dark theme for extra comfort in low-light situations
The most complete Markdown support including footnotes, tables and cross-references
Export documents to PDF and HTML documents
Premium feature: Publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram and Evernote
Publish to Medium, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Evernote from Byword. Posting to your blog with Byword is as simples as:
Write something in Byword
Open File menu and select Publish
Confirm metadata
List continuations
Typewriter scrolling mode
Great text manipulation helpers
Word and character counters with live update
Spell and Grammar checking and Dictionary lookup
Extensive VoiceOver API support for visual impaired users
For posting to your blog without using clunky web interfaces
For research, meeting and class notes
To write that important email without being distracted
To capture ideas and notes and have them available in all devices
iCloud Drive: Sync your documents seamlessly across your devices and apps
Handoff: Start writing on your iPhone and pick up where you left off when you sit down at your Mac
Split screen: In case you need an extra window side by side for research
Full screen: Get even more immersed in your words
Autosave: Time to stop worrying about saving your work
Versions: Review past iterations of your compositions
Resume: Always open your documents where you left off
Tags: A powerful new way to organize your files
Version 2.9.5
Support for Apple Silicon Macs
Improved document window toolbar appearance for macOS Big Sur
Bug fixes and improvements
Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor