Boom 3D 1.6.0 破解版 – 3D音效增强工具

Boom 3D 1.6.0 破解版 – 3D音效增强工具

Boom 3D 是Boom系列全新的版本,相比于以前的Boom版本,新版本主要立足于3D音效增强,当你觉得你的Mac播放音乐或视频声音太小时,可以使用Boom这款软件提高音量,支持iTunes和QuickTime等播放器




Boom 3D 1.6.0 破解版 – 3D音效增强工具

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Boom 3D 是Boom系列全新的版本,相比于以前的Boom版本,新版本主要立足于3D音效增强,当你觉得你的Mac播放音乐或视频声音太小时,可以使用Boom这款软件提高音量,支持iTunes和QuickTime等播放器,还支持改善语音聊天的音效,非常强大!
An unobtrusive and lightweight application capable of boosting your Mac’s sound volume and improve the audio quality of your audio files
Boom 3D is straightforward volume booster and sound equalizer specially designed to increase the volume and quality of the sound coming out from your Mac’s speakers.
Enjoy a louder, clearer and better sound
Boom 3D seamlessly integrates with macOS and its controls are similar to the default system volume control. However, Boom 3D provides additional features and capabilities that can be used to enhance the quality of the sound.
Thanks to Boom 3D you can boost the sound coming from YouTube video clips, songs and videos played using iTunes, Netflix, Spotify or any other application. Moreover, you can use Boom 3D to improve the clarity of Skype and FaceTime video chats.
Intuitive interface
From Boom 3D’s status bar menu you can quickly adjust the sound volume or change the EQ preset with just a couple of mouse clicks. By accessing Boom 3D’s main window you can enable or disable the volume booster and sound equalizer, adjust the sound level and customize the equalizer.
Boom 3D comes with a series of presets that you can easily adjust and personalize according to your likes. You can even save your own presets and load them via the Boom Presets slide menu.
Powerful audio level booster
By accessing the Boost File tab, you can easily adjust the sound level of multiple audio and video files at the same time. What is more, you can configure Boom 3D to automatically add the modified files to a new playlist in iTunes at the end of the process.
The Preferences window helps you turn on or off the notification sounds, set the default location for boosted files and type in the suffix for the boosted items. On top of that you can enable and customize the level up and level down hot-keys.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64 bit