beaTunes 5.2.34 破解版 – 优秀的音乐管理工具

beaTunes 5.2.34 破解版 – 优秀的音乐管理工具

beaTunes 5 是一款Mac上优秀的音乐管理工具,可以自动对音乐库进行分析、侦测、编辑播放列表等,配合iTunes进行播放,很不错的一款音乐管理工具




beaTunes 5.2.34 破解版 – 优秀的音乐管理工具
beaTunes 5.2.34 破解版 – 优秀的音乐管理工具
beaTunes 5.2.34 破解版 – 优秀的音乐管理工具

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beaTunes 5 是一款Mac上优秀的音乐管理工具,可以自动对音乐库进行分析、侦测、编辑播放列表等,配合iTunes进行播放,很不错的一款音乐管理工具。

beaTunes is an advanced music application for Windows and OS X that lets you analyze, inspect, and play songs-and create great playlists.
Not only plays music, also listens beaTunes uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze your music using metadata as tempo (BPM), tone, color, segments, similarities, volume and acoustic fingerprints. It lets you know what those files contain all!
The analysis provides a stable base for creating great playlists, like searching for labels and detection of acoustic duplicates.
Let science work for you!
Organize this mess!
You have accumulated piles of music over the years. Shops, CDs, friends.
And it’s a huge mess.
It is such a mess that you’d go crazy if you tried to organize it manually. It is here that beaTunes can help. It’s like a specialized audio tags spelling checker. Find inconsistencies in your own data and offers solutions.
Not only do you play music, access it!
Like any other player, beaTunes lets you listen to music from start to finish. Based on automatic segmentation to pop music (requires analysis) also it allows you to skip a section or go directly to a part of similar sound. We call semantic navigation .
Search the chorus or skip the boring introduction is a cinch.
Create playlists is an art
beaTunes helps you find the perfect song for any playlist in which you work. Starting with a song, you can suggest concordant songs according to your own rules-or even build an entire playlist.
Keeps the fun of creating something new: To create the atmosphere of an evening, the pace for jogging or walking for a night. beaTunes can help you hit the mark.