250+ Blogger Portrait PS Actions & ACR Pack 破解版 – 最流行的照片效果

250+ Blogger Portrait PS Actions & ACR Pack 破解版 – 最流行的照片效果

Portrait是最常见,最常用和最流行的照片效果。 肖像照片效果在摄影爱好者中非常受欢迎




250+ Blogger Portrait PS Actions & ACR Pack 破解版 – 最流行的照片效果

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Portrait是最常见,最常用和最流行的照片效果。 肖像照片效果在摄影爱好者中非常受欢迎。 有许多现有的肖像效果,但我们试图为你做一个惊人的,独特的和特别的东西。 我们还尝试在此包中为您提供类别明智的不同效果。
Portrait is the most common, used and popular photo effect. Portrait photo effects is very popular among the photographer’s and effect lovers. There are lot of existing Portrait effect but we try to make an amazing, exclusive and something special for YOU. We also try to give you a category wise different effects in this pack.
These Blogger Photoshop Action and ACR Pack has made by a team of professional photographers, retouchers and photo effect designers. This Pack designed to speed up your portrait workflow and gives you a high quality creative looks portrait photography. All effects of this Pack is suitable for portrait photographic styles and photos.
Portraiture Photoshop Action and ACR pack includes:
B & W Portrait
Beauty Portrait
Blogger Portrait
Boost Skin (15 presets)
Cinematic Portrait (20 presets)
Color Boost(8 presets)
Cool & Clear Portrait(10 presets)
Fashion Photoshoot(83 presets)
HDR Portrait
Matte Portrait
Selfie Expert
Smooth Portrait
Soft Portrait
Vintage Portrait
Vivid Portrai
Compatible with both Mac and Windows.
Works on RAW and JPEG images.
Compatible with Photoshop CS6 to CC version.
All actions have been tested with multiple type images.
Easily adjusted with your image.
All actions and CameraRaw presets are editable and nondestructive.
Installation Instructions are included.