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MediaInfo 19.07 破解版 – 检测视频编码信息


MediaInfo 是一款检测视频编码信息工具,把目前几个主流的CODEC viewer 的功能都给包进来了。像是对新格式的支持,提供相关CODECs 和播放软件的网页连结等等,该有的功能都有了。

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MediaInfo is a small but powerful program that can give you access to all the hidden information located on your audio files and video. With this program you can find everything from easily accessible information about properties songs, even the most precise details about specific encoders and how the file was created.

The first version of MediaInfo was released to the public on December 28, 2012, and has since been developed in an open source environment that made it incredibly useful for anyone who is interested in extracting metadata from multimedia files they own. It covers both novices who are interested in just basic, and professionals who want an absolute vision of multimedia content that is part of its vast library of audio and video data.

MediaInfo offers two ways to control data collection. Beginners will appreciate the presence of a graphical interface of all functions that can show all they want, but professional users can use an interface much more powerful commands you can run custom scripts, extract information from large media files, and dump the data in databases of your choice. The application displays all the information easily available in 5 basic categories of metadata – General, Video, Audio, Text and Chapters. Supported file formats are numerous, covering all popular encoders are used by serious collectors multimedia data and general PC users. GUI interface is since 2014 located in 36 languages.













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