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Path Finder 8.5.4 破解版 – 增强系统文件管理器


Path Finder 是一个文件浏览器,结合熟悉的搜索界面与强大的实用程序和创新的功能。Path Finder  是一款功能强劲并足以取代Finder的超赞软件,它完全能够媲美Finder,并且屡受好评。

[Path finder 在官网的售价 40 美元]

Path Finder is a file browser designed to replace the Finder of our teams. Path Finder will give us many more options and will also allow us to work with files and folders much faster and efficiently.

In all it offers us Path Finder, we found several shortcuts to the most important folders we have in our equipment, information panels and various shortcuts, the ability to access two paths or drives from one window, etc. Path Finder is divided into modules, such as shortcuts, information panels, bipanel browser, etc.

Path Finder is designed with a very visual and easy to use interface, which will allow us all to use this complete program without having problems with experience.

Path Finder will allow us to work much faster than with the default Finder brings the OSX system, which will help us work faster and always find what we’re looking for in seconds.








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