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Mac Data Recovery Guru 4.0.3 破解版 – 数据恢复软件


Mac Data Recovery Guru for Mac是一款先进易用的数据恢复软件。我们不会说如果我们不支持它。通过采用基于内容的文件扫描工作。这是传统形式的数据恢复的一种不同方法,它试图修复有问题的设备,当它们出错时,将首先写入您试图检索的数据。我们的方法以只读模式打开设备,并将搜索整个设备中存在的文件或文件。它将它发现的数据重新组合到常Get Backup Pro规文件中。听起来很复杂这是,但经过多年的细化,用户认为它是一个无缝的过程,并且像浏览Finder中的常规文件一样简单。事实上,如果你看截图,它看起来几乎是一样的。

Mac Data Recovery Guru works using scanning files based on content. This is different from traditional forms of data recovery attempt to repair the device in question, that when they are wrong written on the data you were trying to recover first approach. Our approach opens the device in read – only mode, and will search the entire device files or parts of files that are present. Rearranges the data in regular files on the fly. Sounds complicated? It is, but after years of refinement displayed to the user as a smooth process, and it is as easy as browsing through their regular files in the Finder. In fact, it seems almost the same.

Frequent questions:

What type of device products data recovery work? 

The short answer is any device that acts as a drive on your Mac. However, the device does not have to be visible in the Finder, as the line of Recovery Guru can see and scan devices that OS X does not show. To see if your device is usable, open the program and click the “Units” tab in the main window. It will show everything you can see.

The long answer is that it works on devices like these (this is not an exhaustive list, but a series of examples):

Disk: Macintosh (HFS file systems, HFS +, systems HFSX files), disks Windows (NTFS, FAT file systems), Linux (Ext2, Ext3, ext4 file), Unix disks (XFS systems disks disks UFS files).

Digital cameras (Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Sigma).

Mobile phones: Android, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Kyocera, Blackberry.

Various devices: USB Pen Drives / Storage USB flash / USB Memory Stick, Memory cards for cameras and portable devices, CD’s / DVD’s, MP3 Players, Playstations, X-Boxes, Wii’s, Palm devices.

What if my device does not appear at all?

Guru Mac Data Recovery can often recover deleted and still see him, even in severe cases files. Click next to “Volumes” “Devices” tab to see all available devices. Download the free demo and see.

What if I completely formatted my device? 

It makes no difference if the device has been fully formatted 100 times or still has a file system. Our programs look around the device independently and collect any other data, the format does not affect a unit.

Can anyone stop him? 

The only things that can usually dissuade him are as follows:

One is if the file you want to return has written more since I deleted (but your chances are usually pretty good, if you run the demo you will see many files you deleted years ago).

Two is whether the device has been safely deleted, in which case nothing can recover, with the exception of some data in some SSDs.









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