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iClock Pro 5.0.9 破解版 – 多功能的高效菜单栏时钟


iClock for Mac是一款实用的菜单栏世界时钟、日历、闹钟工具。能以任何格式、字体或颜色同时查看时间和日期,并立即从菜单栏中查看Google或Apple日历/活动、秒表、倒计时、月相、浮动时钟、本地IP、日期差异计算器、应用程序菜单、警报、全局调度程序和’Take 5’(就像番茄钟计时器一样)提醒你在工作时偶尔休息一下。

iClock – Just a clock bar menu more useful and powerful. Replace the application of limited time in the menu bar with a menu of the current time / date in any city in the world, time and date simultaneously in any format, font or color, instant calendar, stopwatch, moon phase, floating clocks, Local IP, date difference calculator, application menu, alarms and timer ‘take 5’ to remind you to take a break from time to time while working.

Features – See the day / date / time in the menu bar in different fonts / colors / formats. Personalize it any way you like. – Provides a view of the menu system easy to access and easy access to the Time / Date in many parts of the world as desired areas. – Option, click the date / time in the menu bar to see your stock portfolio with near real – time updates. – The application menu as it used to be in Mac OS 9. Intel shows you what applications are running on Rosetta – Alarms / timers that can be configured in one click. Never miss another appointment – web information, stopwatch and calculator available instantly. – Gives a calculator time zone that is the best time to connect people in as many time zones as you wish – list with the online calendar accessible from the menu bar – Add the people / companies you work directly from the address book – Give dialing codes for countries around the world. – Time 12 or 24 hours. – iClock Calendar shows birthdays Address Book Apple and links to iCalendar – iClock Calendar can float on top or below other windows part and can set its transparency – iClock Calendar accepts background images – Synchronize with other Mac using .Mac – double – click a day in the calendar iClock to go directly to your choice of iCal, Meeting Maker, Oracle, now updated and Palm Desktop – Convenient portfolio of shares in the menubar that is updated when want.









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