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Versatil Markdown 2.0.50 破解版 – 文本编辑器


Versatil Markdown 文件编辑工具一定Mac 上必不可少的办公工具,并且Mac用户可以轻松体验记录笔记与写博客文章哦,管理您的网站和项目的所有技术细节。

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Markdown is a versatile hipernotebook created from Markdown / CommonMark with 1Password integration, HTML / CSS support, syntax highlighting, keyboard frictionless flow, intelligent insertion drag and drop, multiple themes, alias documents and more.

Feature Overview

Show first words, if you are not editing the text, then it is displayed as rendering, which facilitates reading and reference.

Markdown / CommonMark Syntax

Based on the new specification CommonMark and GitHub Flavored Markdown improved, you get all the normal goodness of Markdown, lists more ** ** and ** ** tables.

Multiple Folders “source”

Easily add all your notes, perhaps a set of blog posts in our Documents folder, press work and several projects in your Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

HTML / CSS / 4 compatible Bootstrap

are also supported embedded HTML and CSS. For the true power user, you can use the framework Bootstrap Integrated 4

Task lists “live”

Task lists are “live”: click the check box and marked in the source document. Create a list of all and mark them one by one as they occur, without having to directly edit the document. 1Password ### Integration If you use 1Password to store your logins on several websites, you can easily create a link to one of these sites by simply dragging an item from 1Password to the editor window.

Integrated File spark

An easy way to chronicle and capture thoughts or ideas through the creation of sparks. Each spark is marked with a date and time and kept in chronological order, so that it can quickly navigate through them.

Additional Features

– Data stored as text – Flow frictionless keyboard – Click to edit – Share menu integration – Export (HTML, PDF and web files) – mathjax for TeX and LaTeX Support – Support touchbar – Navigation history back / forward – Integration QuickLook



Versatil Markdown






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