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PopChar X 8.6 破解版 – 特殊字符输入工具


PopChar X for Mac是mac平台上一款强大的特殊字符输入工具,可以快速方便地访问所有字体的所有字符,包括那些无法通过键盘直接访问的字体。popchar mac 版适用于支持Unicode的所有现代的应用程序,可以方便地浏览和内包含成千上万个字符的字体进行搜索,根据他们的名字进行搜索,查找包含特定字符的字体,探索字体的字符集,收集你最喜欢的字符,插入HTML符号。

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Do not go there looking for the special characters of your sources … are here!

PopChar works with modern applications that support Unicode. It makes it easy to navigate and search within fonts that contain thousands of characters. Looking characters by name, find fonts that contain certain characters, explores the character of sources, collect your favorite characters, insert HTML symbols. PopChar makes all these tasks related sources.

PopChar X-tool, a pop-up window that can be placed above all other windows and display a table of different characters that you can insert into the text of any document. In addition to letters and standard numbers, the keyboard has many other signs that apply everywhere, but can not always be easily inserted into the text.

To use many of them need to remember complex combinations of keys, which simply do not know. That’s why the program is so useful PopChar. It allows you to insert special characters into the text on the fly, without wasting time in selecting different combinations of keys or look for them online. Simply use the mouse to select the desired character, and can be copied anywhere, either a text editor or email client. The program can run a certain key combination and close immediately after insertion of the symbol.

Symbols are most commonly used program at the beginning of the list.










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