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Outline 3.21.5 破解版 – 笔记软件、支持OneNote


Outline 是一款Mac上非常好用的笔记软件,支持微软的OneNote笔记,可以导入OneNote的数据,在Mac上的笔记类软件中,如果论软件的易用性和界面设计,Outline 绝对要比知名的印象笔记和OneNote要优秀很多倍,支持Dropbox、Box、SkyDrive数据同步,加密、添加附件、Retina屏幕等功能,非常强大的一款笔记软件!

[Outline 3 在 Mac App Store上售价188元]  



Outline – one note app for offline, cloud & WebDAV. OneNote compatible & Office 365 powered. Capture notes at any spot on a page and draggable around. Organize notes in the world’s most natural hierarchy. Store notes in your local file system, and synced across devices with your favorite cloud. Powered with import from Evernote and Circus Ponies.

ONENOTE’S BEST FRIEND – Give your OneNote notes a new start beyond OneDrive or SharePoint – Export to OneNote, just in case – Go beyond import/export and do a real time collaboration on notes with colleagues who use OneNote (your Mac and their PCs)

STORAGE – Choose where you want to store your notes: Dropbox, iCloud, WebDAV, Box, or OneDrive – Consider a no-cloud option too: some notes need offline and cloud-free privacy – Mind the coming-soon: SharePoint, OneDrive for Business / Office 365

UI – Find everything a note needs by the hand: text, lists, tables, images, checkboxes, hyperlinks, and more – Put that stuff anywhere in a note and then move around / re-size / edit it all, the way you like – Keep notes structured in a natural hierarchy of pages, sections, and notebooks – Access a note fast via recents, search, and note links – Manage font size and color, apply styles and highlighting – Attach files and insert printouts, to collect documents in one place

IMPORT – From OneNote – From Circus Ponies – From Evernote













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