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Marked 2.5.32 破解版 – Markdown预览工具


Marked 2是一款Mac上的Markdown预览工具,Marked支持 Scrivener, VoodooPad, MarsEdit等软件,Marked 根据 MD 文章内子标题对全文段落进行自动识别,并给出文章索引目录方便作者审阅,把握行文节奏,支持许多诸如 MultiMarkdown,Fountain 等泛标记文本语言,是非常好用的一款Markdown辅助工具。

[Marked 2 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币98元]  



Marked is a preview for Markdown files. Use it with your favorite text editor and save it was ever updated. With robust to preview, review and export functions pretty documents, you can work in plain text while enjoying the rich format.

Quick Marked picks up your changes every time you save any editor. Even automatically it moves to its latest edition, keeping his attention on his writing, not in your preview.

Easy Just open the same file in Marked and your favorite editor and start Marked render previews as you type. You can type in plain text and automatically create beautiful documents Marked (including HTML, PDF and Word) for you in a wide range of styles. You can even make your own!

Flexible Marked works with any (not only Markdown) processor and supports, well, everything. Source, CriticMarkup, mathjax, Scrivener, MarsEdit, VoodooPad, syntax highlighting …

Intelligent tools for intelligent writers Marked 2 is the result of hundreds of hours of work to offer the best writing tool. Writing smart functions, flexible options and a wide range of support for various formats Marked, authoring tools and publishing platforms, Marked is a smart addition arsenal of any writer. Whether you’re writing a blog, writing a book, writing a report or editing a file GitHub README, Marked has you covered.

Marked comes ready to work Have the latest version of MultiMarkdown integrated, with the option to render a discount. Normalizes most of the differences in syntax, so even if usually works in other formats, Marked works by default in 90% of cases of use. In the remaining 10%, you can use other processors or custom scripts to get exactly the results you need. Has marked preprocessor and processor options.

Retrieve the file (and folder) Marked 2 detects changes and updates faster than ever. Even keeps track of the files included within a document using the special syntax Marked or any of the formats supported books. You can even drag a complete folder to the icon Marked and start showing the Markdown or HTML file most recently edited (you define types) in the folder, updated every time you start editing a different file. It works with a folder full of notes or a book project structured into nested folders.

If you are editing a style sheet – for a theme Marked or other web design projects – Marked updates its style live preview every time you save it , not cool. PiP even look for changes and updates on the fly.











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