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Type Fu 4.5.6 破解版 – 打字练习软件


Type Fu Mac是Mac平台上一款非常热门的打字练习软件。这款软件非常适用于孩童老人练习打字,主要练习盲打

Type Fu teaches you to type faster without looking at the keyboard, allowing you to hone your skills to type.

• UNIVERSAL. The application is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. You can be a beginner typist, intermediate or advanced. Even if you took typing classes before but never sank, Type Fu will help you upgrade your skills and take the next step immediately.

• PACKAGING INCOME exercises. Type Fu is fun to use! Lessons range from simple letters, numbers and words to proverbs and quotations from great thinkers of the past. The basic lessons (letters, numbers, words) are programmatically generated so you never see the same exercise twice.

• Multiple difficulty levels. Should I start from the beginning, or just want a little polishing its kind-fu? Calculate your initial skill level and start practicing immediately, until you become blurred your fingers!

• Multiple keyboard layouts. English language users can choose from the following designs: Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak, Workman, Norman, QWERTZ, AZERTY. German users can choose from: Qwertz designs German and Swiss Qwertz.

• ADAPTABLE. Type Fu is smart: when you’re making outstanding progress, can automatically increase the difficulty level to keep you alert and improve skill.

• VISUAL AND AUDIO TRACKS. Type Fu attends a non – intrusive way. Several indications of hit or miss the correct keys are useful, relevant and not interfere and can be disabled.

• EASY TRACKING TRACKING. Type Fu helps you perfect the skill of tactile writing to visualize your progress. You can easily distinguish the pretty pictures exactly how much better your writing speed and your accuracy, and what more strange keys.

• Fully integrated with your Mac. Get the best user experience offered by Mac computers. Type Fu supports Retina displays, sandbox processing, automatic via Mac App Store and full screen updates.



Type Fu






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