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Mestrenova 12.0.4 破解版 – 化学读谱软件


 MestReNova(简称Mnova)是西班牙Mestrelab Research公司开发的科学软件,有面向Windows、Mac 和Linux的版本,是目前世界上功能最强,在学术界和工业界应用最广的软件产品之一。MestReNova不仅支持简体中文,并且在前一个版本的功能基础上, 很多功能上都有了全新的进步,让数据处理操作更加简单。MestReNova主要由NMR、MS和NMRPredict Desktop三个常用插件组成,是集NMR和LC/MS数据处理分析、预测、发表、验证和及数据的储存、检索以及管理等功能于一身的软件包,具有功能强大健全、操作简便人性化、处理结果准确美观等优势。此外,MestReNova还有很多高级功能(包括DB、Verify、qNMR、Screen和Reaction Monitor等插件)可供非常规分析者使用。

Note that the MestReNova Lite program distributed with ChemDraw is licensed separately and WON’T work with our license file. If you have installed the Lite version, uninstall it, and install the full version.

You will need a license file, which we will email you on request. Save this license file to your computer also. Run the self extracting installer, and when prompted, browse to the location where you saved the license file. You need to do this while you are on the Caltech network, either with a hard-wired connection or on the secure Beavernet wireless network. The licensing step won’t work if you are on an external network, but once you have checked out a license, you can use the software on any network for the next 90 days. After that, you will need to be on the Caltech network again to renew your license in order for the program to keep working. We have a unlimited count license for the NMR processing features, and a limited count license for chemical shift prediction; we don’t license the other features, such as mass spec processing. The first time you run the program, you will get error messages about these missing license features. Just check the boxes including the one saying “I’ve read this information,” exit and restart the program, and the messages won’t reappear. You can use the version of the program you start with indefinitely. However, it is recommended to update your MNova periodically, which requires a current site license file (we get a new one annually).

You can get your data on your computer through shared network drives, secure ftp, or USB sticks–see the web page on retrieving your data.

When you open a Varian data file in MestReNova, in most cases you will not need to do any explicit processing of the 1D spectrum–the processing parameters used in VnmrJ will be copied and applied automatically. You have the option to apply different types of apodization to the spectrum, for example to do resolution enhancement, if you wish. The auto-process feature works for both 1D and 2D spectra, although for 2D, there are a number of useful processing tricks to make cosmetic improvements to the data. Opening multiple spectra will start a PowerPoint-like column of thumbnail images of the spectra you have open. As with PowerPoint, if you save this file, you save all the slides. You can export directly to PDF format and choose to save one, multiple, or all spectra open in MestReNova to the PDF file.









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