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Logicly 1.10.0 破解版 – 数字电路逻辑学习软件


Logicly for Mac是macOS平台的数字电路逻辑教学软件,Logicly Mac可以帮助我们更加高效地进行数字电路逻辑门教学。让学生在建立物理电路之前,在“无后顾之忧”模拟中进行实验。

Teach logic gates + digital circuits effectively – with Logicly. It helps you learn or teach gates and logic circuits effectively. Logically, it aims to keep students interested and put them to work in their classes Physics or Computer Science . Logicly it lets you easily add new elements into their schemes, and then helps you establish connections between them.

– Design quickly and easily circuits with a modern interface and intuitive user drag and drop, copy / paste, zoom and more.

– Take control of pausing the simulation debugging and seeing how the signal as you go step by step spreads.

– Do not worry about multiple platforms on student computers. Install both Windows and Mac platforms.

Creates practical assignments and practical tasks

– Allow students to experience a simulation “carefree” where undo is just a click away – before building physical circuits.

– Encapsulate and avoid duplication by creating custom integrated circuits that can drag and drop … like doors.

– Customize your resume logically creating libraries of custom circuits that students can “import” in their work.

Logic gates:

Build logic circuits with a variety of gates, including AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR and NOT. Use ANSI / IEEE or IEC symbols.

Flip flops:

Need to build something a little more complex? Logically, also it offers SR flip-flops, D, and T JK prebuilt with predefined and clear inputs.

Input and Output:

Toggle switches, clocks and buttons change the state of the circuit, while the bulbs and digits 4 bits provide a human – readable output.

– Create and simulate basic logic circuits with just a few clicks of the mouse. Drag components to the editor.

– Controls the simulation

– View the simulator run in real time, or pause to move step by step at your own pace. Clock control components and signal propagation driving with a mouse click.

– When you have finished designing your circuit, you can save it to your hard drive. Ideal for delivering tasks and provide a starting point for laboratory activities.

– Cross platform









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