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Chaos Control 1.5.2 破解版 – 个人项目组织和任务管理工具


Chaos Control是为了帮助你在商业和个人生活中管理你的目标和期望的结果。


Chaos Control是一种基于GTD最好的想法,任务管理器(做事)由David Allen创建的方法。无论你是在经营一个企业,启动一个应用程序,在一个项目上工作,还是仅仅计划你的假期旅行,混沌控制是管理你的目标,调整你的优先次序,组织你的任务来完成事情的完美工具。最好的部分是,你可以同时处理重量级的项目规划和简单的日常工作,比如一个灵活的应用程序中的购物清单管理。此外,在所有主要的移动和桌面平台上都可以实现混沌控制,并实现无缝同步。

Chaos Control was created to help you manage your goals and desired outcomes in both your business and personal life.

People don’t usually achieve impressive results simply by being good at task management. It’s the ability to set legitimate goals that makes the difference. Just write down your desired outcomes to make them real. This simple technique helps you to prioritize your goals before acting on them.

Chaos Control is a task manager based on the best ideas of GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology created by David Allen. Whether you are running a business, launching an app, working on a project or simply planning your holiday trip, Chaos Control is a perfect tool to manage your goals, juggle your priorities, and organize your tasks to get things done. And the best part is, you can handle both heavyweight project planning and simple daily routine like shopping list management in one flexible app. Also, Chaos Control is available across all major mobile and desktop platforms with seamless sync.


MANAGE YOUR PROJECTS Project is a goal combined with a set of tasks you need to complete in order to achieve it. Create as many projects as you like to write down all the desired outcomes you have ORGANIZE YOUR GOALS Create unlimited number of projects and group them by category using Folders USE GTD CONTEXTS Organize tasks from different projects using flexible context lists. If you are familiar with GTD you would just love this feature PLAN YOUR DAY Set due dates for tasks and make plans for any particular day USE CHAOS BOX Put all the incoming tasks, notes and ideas into Chaos Box in order to process them later. It works similar to GTD inbox, but you can use it as a simple to-do list SYNC YOUR DATA Chaos Control works on both desktop and mobile devices. Setup an account and sync your projects across all of your devices This app is designed with creative people in mind. Designers, writers, developers, startup founders, entrepreneurs of all kinds and pretty much anyone with ideas and desire to make them happen. We combined the power of GTD with the convenient interface to help you with:

personal goal setting task management time management planning your business and personal activities building your routine handling simple to do lists, checklists and shopping lists catching your ideas and thoughts to process them later KEY FEATURES

Seamless cloud sync across all major mobile and desktop platforms GTD-inspired Projects and Contexts supplemented with Folders, sub-folders and sub-contexts Recurring tasks (daily, weekly, monthly and chosen days of the week) Chaos Box – Inbox for your unstructured tasks, notes, memos, ideas and thoughts. Great tool for staying on track inspired by GTD ideas Notes for tasks, projects, folders and contexts Fast and smart search



Chaos Control










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