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McAfee Endpoint Security 10.6.3 破解版 – McAfee防病毒软件


McAfee Endpoint Security for mac是McAfee推出的一款优秀的杀毒软件,非常受用户的欢迎,mcafee endpoint security 10为大家提供了实时的网络安全保护,可以有效保护用户的个人信息,确保用户的隐私不会泄露,有了这款McAfee防病毒软件,让你的Mac远离病毒和其他恶意软件

Our new endpoint protection suites emphasize integration, automation and orchestration as the basis of life cycle threat defense. Harnessing the power of machine learning to detect zero-day threats in near real time, our suites rationalize the ability to expose and quickly remediate advanced attacks so that productivity is not compromised.

The volume and sophistication of threats endpoint has steadily grown as opponents target these assets, often mobile and remote, as initial points of attack. Besides the challenge, safety equipment, after years of joining together point products endpoint security, are now running an average of ten different agents and five different consoles, with little or no integration or automation.

McAfee has redesigned our offers endpoint security to provide a consolidated endpoint defense that allows simpler and correction investigations with one click platform across the organization. Through a single agent architecture with deep integration and automation, we remove the silos between capabilities that once were isolated to improve efficiency and protection.

Security products McAfee Endpoint combine established capabilities such as firewall, reputation and heuristics with learning and containment art machines, along with the detection and response endpoints in a single agent platform, with a single management console. The resulting integrated protection keeps users productive and connected to stop malware day zero, as ransomware, before it can infect the first endpoint.

McAfee Endpoint Security In NSS Labs tests, McAfee Endpoint Security achieved an efficiency rating of 98.98% security without false positives.

McAfee Endpoint Security McAfee Endpoint Security 10, you can integrate advanced threat defense for faster incident response.

Protection products endpoint Advanced attacks today require more than traditional antivirus defenses. The good news is that you do not have to be overwhelming thanks to our endpoint protection suites. Our enterprise security offerings endpoint is managed centrally and defend against the full spectrum of threats, from zero – day exploits to advanced targeted attacks.

McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection It provides essential protection by using multiple technologies and software integrated endpoint protection that collaborate in real time to analyze and combat threats. This product replaces McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite.

Complete McAfee Endpoint Threat Protection provides advanced defenses that prevent, contain and take action against zero – day threats and sophisticated attacks. This protection solution replaces McAfee endpoint Complete Endpoint Protection-Enterprise.

McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense Ensures patient zero to contain malicious actions before they can run on the endpoint, using machine learning to classify suspicious behavior, and then evolves to combat future attacks.

McAfee Endpoint Defense Threat and Response combines behavior – based protection with continuous visibility and powerful points to detect, contain, investigate and eliminate threats from endpoint advanced rapidly in view patient zero. This platform endpoint protection includes McAfee Active Response, which is no longer available as a standalone product.

Operating system (client and server) • High Sierra macOS 10.13 and later • macOS Sierra 10.12 and later • OS X El Capitan 10.11 and later



McAfee Endpoint Security








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