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CValley FILTERiT 5.0.6 破解版 – AI创意变形效果插件


CValley FILTERiT 5 for Mac是一套适用于Mac操作系统的AI创意变形效果插件,具有独特的效果,可以激发您的创造性思维。FILTERiT 5凭借其易于使用的功能,创建从简单到复杂的惊人图像触手可及,可让您在几秒钟内创建简单到复杂的图像,是AI使用者的必备插件。

The latest version 5 supports CC 2018. FILTERiT is a suite of add-ons for Adobe Illustrator that presents unique effects. FILTERiT can stimulate your creative mind. This versatile tool lets you create simple and complex images in seconds. Some effects are simply impossible to do without FILTERiT. With its easy to use, create amazing images ranging from the simple to the complex is within reach features. Play around with FILTERiT for a while to discover for yourself the variety of features it offers.

What’s new in FILTERiT 5? Live symbol path: The “Live symbol path” is a new effect similar to the “Tool MetaBrush” FILTER 4 above live and inherits some of its features. (The “Tool MetaBrush” is now discontinued)

In the “MetaBrush Tool”, the selected route in a document used as placed element. But in the “Route symbol live”, the symbol instance (more than one) selected from the “Symbols” panel is used as the Illustrator placed element. The instance is placed in the path selected text or object. The symbol instance can be positioned accurately along the contour of the route or text object.

Live 3D route: Equivalent to the functions of each menu transformation in the previous submenu “3D Transform live” FILTERiT 4. In the previous version, each style transformation had a menu and a dedicated panel. In FILTERiT 5, all menus and panels are unified in one panel and change its name to “Live 3D Path”. Style transformation can be selected on the panel, allowing you to change the style quickly.

In addition, the tool for use in combination with this effect, the “3D Rotation tool” has been moved to this panel from the Illustrator toolbox for better usability.

Live Tiling: In FILTERiT 5, the tiles can be placed in offset as bricks. The unit mosaic created from Live Tiling can be added to the “Samples” panel Illustrator as standard. The unit can be connected irregularly aligned accurately.

Live Neon / Border: In “Live Neon”, the luminescent effect can be added around the neon sign with the “Light Emitting” option. You can control the gradient curve and contrast. By checking the “automatic trace Style” to “live neon” or “sharp edge”, the effect will use the settings “Esquina: Board Round” and “Top: Ronda”.

Live explosion: In FILTERiT 5, the explosion may have transparency inward or outward, or random transparency.

In FILTERiT 5, the names of some parameters have changed. The transformer can be shown by a cross – shaped guide for a better understanding of the relationship between changes of parameters and the control result. Also, if the original object is Grayscale mode, it is automatically converted to CMYK or RGB color as needed.

Ripple effect / effect Lens / deformation effect: These effects can be called version effects of these tools. It can be applied directly to the text object and adjust the appearance or change the style after using the effect.

Fractalizador Effect / Filter: In FILTERiT 5, the inverse option for horizontal / vertical axis, some other options and parameters have been added in the generator. It also provides a more accurate result. Version “filter” Fractalize remains but it is recommended to use the “Effect” version.



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