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ZOC Terminal 7.24.0 破解版 – Telnet/SSH/SSH2终端软件


ZOC Terminal是一个telnet/ssh/ssh2客户端和终端仿真器。通过标签式会话、类型化命令历史、scrollback和多窗口支持,ZOC Terminal实现的模拟使它成为任何需要从Windows或OS X平台上访问Unix shell帐户的人的首选工具。

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ZOC Terminal is a Telnet / SSH / SSH2 client and terminal emulator. Tabbed sessions, typed command history, scrollback and compatibility with multiple windows, ZOC Terminal emulations implemented have made it the preferred tool for anyone who needs to access Unix shell accounts from a Windows platform or OS X.

Interface user

sessions tabbed with summary screen to display thumbnails of all open sessions

tabs session can move between windows

“colorful tabs” are used to refine the elements of the user interface with different colors depending on the host is connected

Complete remapping the keyboard (for example, to send text, perform functions, run programs, etc.)

Directory host with folders and full option provided for each input and automatic sequence start session

button bar user to assign texts, sequences command, entries in the phone book, external protocols and shell commands to buttons (including subfolders in the button bar)

F-Macro keys for texts, scripts, phone book entries, external shell commands, etc.

Local typing (entry field with history eg to type commands)

Various logging and scroll back

mode keyboard for bbs door programs (door mode)

Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra current operating systems (more details below)


Emulation Xterm complete with 256 colors and compatibility with the mouse (eg for use with Midnight Commander)

Console Linux (including UTF8, colors, full keyboard )

VT52, VT100, VT102, VT220 (full implementation, including printing, keyboard and ANSI) color

TN3270 (models 3278 and 3279 / E with line graphs, color mapping and full keyboard)

TN5250 to access IBM iSeries



Wyse WY-30, WY-50, WY-60

TVI 9XX (TVI 920, TVI 925, 950 TVI)




All emulations support line charts with any source


Modern Secure Shell (currently based on OpenSSH 7.0) authentication public / private key, support for smartcards (PKCS # 11) and port forwarding (tunneling)

Telnet (RFC-Telnet , TCP sockets pure), SSL-Telnet (supporting TLS 1.2)

IPv6 support for SSH and Telnet

modem via serial and TAPI (Windows modem) port

connections direct serial console through the local serial port or USB adapters / series with FTDI or Keyspan or PL2303 chipset

supports Break-Signal for serial connections (eg for CISCO devices)


ISDN via CAPI V2.0 (including carriers X.25 and X.31)

File transfer through Ascii, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kermit, SCP, IND $ FILE

Translation of inbound / outbound characters

Functions SSH (Secure Shell)

Based on the reference implementation of OpenSSH industry

The client supports the latest encryptions as ED25519 SHA256, SHA2 or AES-256ctr

public / private key SSH key certificate, interactive keyboard or password authentication

forwarding dynamic port (client as a SOCKS proxy)

Forwarding X11 (lets you run X-Windows applications in the remote session)

static port forwarding (tunneling connections to predefined destinations)

proxy support (the client connects to the server through proxy or jumpserver / jumpdrive)

Forwarding agent SSH between the client and server

support Putty-Agent (Windows) and ssh-agent (Mac OS)

key generator SSH client side

File Transfer SCP through the session terminal emulation

versions protocol SSH client 1 and 2

SSH Keep-Alive

florestal Operation

Move back on three variants (in the window, in the separate window and the data view in a separate window)

automatic highlighting (the text on the screen can be monitored and special phrases can be automatically highlighted)

Traza raw data to file (text and binary mode)

mode debugging on the screen hexadecimal

File record all incoming data, including trademarks optional time

Printer registration of all incoming data

Highlight Auto (highlighted automatic color predefined words or phrases)

Print Screen and screen clipboard functions


AutoLogin (procedures login recorded from the directory host)

REXX language for scripting (programming language fully featured more than 75 extensions to control the terminal emulator)

the DDE support allows ZOC to act as a communication server (Windows)

support AppleScript access to all internal script commands (Mac OS)

Automatic macros (text / functions invoked by typing certain text)

AutoResponders (text / functions invoked by receiving certain text)

functions and special escape sequences to automatically execute local applications (compatible with NetTerm)



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ZOC Terminal






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