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Viper Ftp 破解版 – 简单方便的FTP客户端


Viper FTP(原名ViaFTP) – 一个简单的Mac OS X的FTP客户端,这样可以方便各种远程服务器来管理和传输文件。

[Viper FTP 在 Mac App Store上售价163元]

Viper FTP is a practical and powerful manager for MacOS files with a tremendous user interface that makes it easy to use. Quickly access your remote servers to manage and transfer your files. The new user interface was redesigned to be fresh, clean and functional.

Viper FTP servers handles WebDAV, Amazon S3 servers, servers and even LAN Bonjour uploading videos directly to YouTube. It will create the HTTP URL of the files you select, allowing you to easily share them via email or URL. Stores and displays its history and track record, stores the credentials of several FTP accounts and allows you to have multiple simultaneous transfers on different servers. The toolbar gives you instant access to your servers marked. Viper FTP supports ZIP, RAR, TAR GZ and built. It has a quick search for files on both local and remote machines. You can customize many elements of the interface through preferences. You can edit remote files to make quick changes.



Viper Ftp










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