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Network Radar 2.6.2 破解版 – 网络扫描和管理工具


Network Radar是一款 Mac 上的网络扫描和管理工具,能够扫描发现网络内的设备信息,包括 IP 地址、MAC 地址、NetBIOS名称、设备图标等,非常实用的一款网络发现工具!

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Radar Network is an easy -to- use network to discover, manage and retrieve detailed information about network devices.

Key Features:

• Network analysis and detailed information about network devices

• Run Useful Tools Network

• Use the Track function and receive notification when the availability of a device changes

• Simply connect to a device by double – clicking on the list (Quick Connect)

• Assign your own names and choose from provided icons or import your own icons

• Use the simple system of rules / actions for automatic processing devices

• Analyze network interface, a certain subnet or range of IP addresses

• Exporting an exploration CSV, TXT or PDF

• and more …

Device Information:

• IP Address

• MAC Address

• Supplier name ( ie “Apple, Inc.” or “DELL”)

• domain name (DNS, reverse lookup)

• Bonjour Name

• NetBIOS name

• the services (open ports)

• response time (ping time)

• Mac model identification (ie, “iMac9, 1”)

• the icon (automatically for Mac with model identifier)

• special function (ie host is the standard gateway)

• State of Accessibility

• SSH / Telnet user name, port and password

• Start Device

• Notes

includes network tools:

• Off / Remote Reboot

• Ping

• Scanning


• Telnet

• Wake on LAN

• Whois

• HTTP, HTTPS, AFP, SMB, FTP, VNC, RDP, SSH, TELNET for quick connection












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