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PhotoScissors 6.1 破解版 – 超酷的照片抠图工具


PhotoScissors for Mac是一款非常易于使用的图片背景扣除工具,它能够准确地覆盖你想要去除的任何一个细节区域。PhotoScissors无疑为许多热爱拍照但又不精通Photoshop等专业照片修图的人解决了一大痛点问题。

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Interactive tool for cutting PhotoScissors foreground segmentation enables new intelligent ways to eliminate funds still images. PhotoScissors saves you the day you need to quickly cut a person or an object for pasting into another image or to remove the background of a photo. You do not need any specific skill or professional software to get a perfect image clip: few mouse movements produce precise cut a path can be further enhanced with fine brushes.

Trim objects with a few clicks PhotoScissors provides an extremely easy way to cut a background of an image. Instead of trying to accurately lock a region with the lasso or magic wand in professional graphic editors uncomfortable, quickly check the areas you want to crop and areas you want to keep, and the program automatically does the rest. Thanks to the optimized cutting edge analysis does not have to look for pixels that try to select an unwanted background. PhotoScissors is an easy background removal with minimal effort! Remove background about hair PhotoScissors easily handles complex semitransparent objects, such as hair, and allows you to get rid of the background of these images as easily as any other scene. While other tools have to deal with literally hair pixel per pixel, with PhotoScissors saves hours as the Magic Marker tool also handles transparent objects efficiently. Prepare quickly upload photos to Cut a background of the photos is a popular procedure editing images. In fact, there are dozens of possible applications for PhotoScissors: upload images of products on eBay or Amazon, preparing photos for web sites job search or appointments, replacing a dull background by one more picturesque or a solid color, create photo jokes, collages, retouching holiday. Photos for fun or for better printing and much more. Background Removal of transparent objects in the real world, some objects are transparent. And remove backgrounds Photo with such objects in them is pain. PhotoScissors but you can easily change one fund to another through the transparent tool marker denoting areas that should preserve textures background and foreground.

Main reasons for using PhotoScissors Remove instantly the complex background of the photos easily separates the foreground from background Exchange Fund Create collage Move object in the picture Remove the background around hair Background Removal of transparent objects No limits image size Cut objects Creating isolated images with colorful backgrounds or transparent. Remove fund listings eBay, Etsy or Amazon Set background to any color included transparent. Easy to use and start preparation product images for online shops. It supports all popular graphic formats (PNG, JPG …) No technical or design skills are required.














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