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Imageranger Pro 破解版 – 图片管理软件


ImageRanger Pro Edition for Mac是一款专业的图片管理软件,ImageRanger mac破解版可以轻松帮助用户组织和管理Mac上的所有图片,另外ImageRanger图片管理软件还支持快速查找和删除重复项、裁剪、手动排序、调整图片大小、打印等实用的功能,喜欢这款ImageRanger Pro Edition mac破解版的朋友赶紧到未来软件园下载最新版吧!

We live in the day when the images are a common thing, especially with all phones equipped with cameras powerful enough. As such, your computer can result in the storage of collections of images, but can be a nuisance to handle manually. In this regard, ImageRanger is presented as an advanced search tool and organizing images.

With ImageRanger, automatic upgrades can be applied to multiple images at once. Fine adjustment Manual Choose dark or bright regions of the image and apply various correction settings. All necessary editing controls (brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation) are designed in a user – friendly interface with an UNDO function to correct any mishaps as you go. You can even ask ImageRanger automatically search for and classify all low – quality images for your convenience. For advanced users, a powerful batch processing allows work to be carried out in complete folders while only relevant photos are processed.

ImageRanger indexed photos on your Mac or storage units so you can: · Quickly upload thousands of images · Find portraits, faces. · Sort and filter · Find duplicates and delete copies. · Organize in folders by year, location. · Crop, resize very quickly. · Manually sort collections of multiple folders · Organize your images of other illustrations, clip art · Find low quality images and improves image contrast. · Perform general photo management tasks. · Print hundreds of photos



Imageranger Pro






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