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Artstudio Pro 2.2.9 破解版 – 强大的绘图和照片编辑应用程序


Artstudio Pro 是支持macOS和iOS的最强大的绘图和照片编辑应用程序。我们著名的ArtStudio应用程序的后续版本经过重新设计,引入了许多新功能和升级更新,充分利用最新技术Metal、iCloud Drive,并针对64位多核处理器进行了优化,以实现最流畅的工作流。




Pro Artstudio present, the application of paint and more powerful photo editing available for both MacOS and iOS. The successor of our famous ArtStudio application has been redesigned and has many new features and enhancements making the most of the latest Metal, iCloud Drive technology optimized for 64 – bit multicore processors to achieve more fluid flow possible work.

Hundreds of assets are included and users have the ability to import resources in the most popular formats (ABR, TPL, PAT, GRD, ASE, ACO) giving instant access to millions of brushes, patterns, gradients, color swatches and fonts. It will enhance your creativity and help you give life to your ideas quickly and easily.

new engine The powerful GPU accelerated ArtEngine developed by Lucky Clan is 5-10 times faster than the previous engine. Can work with multiple documents, it supports sizes of canvas and an unlimited number of layers. The incredible optimization ensures smooth work even with large canvases. • Multiple open documents • Canvas Size: 256Mpix • unlimited layers • 27 tools: Move, Select, Crop, eyedropper, Painting, wet paint, Draft, Bucket / Pattern / Gradient Fill, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Text, heal, clone, and more



Artstudio Pro





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