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WISO Steuer 2019 9.09.2012 破解版 – 报税软件


WISO steuer 2019是Mac上的税务申报软件,是您的平板电脑上的纳税申报成熟的原生应用程序。无论是在家中,在办公室还是在路上,您都可以随时获得纳税申报表。你可以输入数据,快速检查一些东西或完成一些事情。  


  MAIN NEWS for the next tax 2018: WISO tax: the popular tax software for Mac Germany! And the winner MacLife test (the test: WISO tax: Mac 2018, number 42018).

Only! Tax: automatic take much work, how and how much you decide! With taxes: import taxes: calls and taxes: shipping, a large part of his statement is completed automatically, without you having to enter something. You check and confirm information only. And then everything will immediately digitally to the tax office. No complicated forms, and even paperless!

Control your WISO software will guide you reliably

• WISO tax: 2,019 making your tax return for 2018, even on the Mac – easy and impressive. • The license authorizes the release of five tax returns. Fully adjustable through taxes: sending, via ELSTER or even on paper. • The ideal solution for employees, workers, civil servants, pensioners, investors, owners and self – employed. • The most difficult issues, the program explains easily understood by video. And with the advice to use their tax savings opportunities. Quite legally. • All the comfort: Many useful assistants and imports data. Of course, with the recovery of documents for the declaration of pre-completed tax (VAST). And even more comfortable with tax: recovery of Buhl! The result: the optimal tax declaration, no problems with complicated tax forms. And also you save the money for an expensive consultation!

This is only possible with software WISO – Tax Return via tablet and web included!

• Remove your tax return on the iPad or web browser! • Your data are consistent across all devices. Anytime and anywhere. • And the best part: all in the purchase price WISO tax: included. You do not pay anything extra!

The tax works so easily with the tax WISO: 1. At first, just describe you and your family situation: place of residence, marital status, children, etc. 2. Then enter your income and expenses: • wages, salaries, pensions, benefits such as pensions and unemployment benefits • rent and lease of apartments, houses, garages • interest, dividends, sales of stocks and stock funds • of business, self – employed or freelance activity. 3. According to your personal situation, tax WISO shows him at any time how much money can be recovered from the tax office and where you can still save taxes. 4. Finally, you can check your program information: Is there a contradiction? Have you chosen the right kind of evaluation? You have made all necessary comments?

Fact! Now send data to ELSTER your tax office. Everything officially recognized! Even the presentation of receipts saved. The most convenient way to deliver tax return with the new tax: shipping from Buhl! Or: print your tax only on plain paper.

Filing 2018 tax returns is possible through ELSTER from January 2019; statements previously accepted by the tax authorities. Activation will take place on 02.01.2019.



WISO Steuer






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