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Money Pro 2.2.2 破解版 – 强大的财务记账工具


Money Pro 是一款Mac上强大的个人理财工具,软件支持中文,提供一站式账单计划、预算管理和账户跟踪。拥有轻松同步功能,支持iCloud同步,将帮助您掌控您的所有资金,并能够清晰地呈现出您当前的财务状况,预测您未来的财务走向,并建议您如何节省更多资金。 Manage money as a professional. With Money Pro® you can plan your bills, budgeting and keep track of their accounts. Money Pro is ideal for making household budgets and also for business use. And the user guide in Spanish is useful.

Money Pro represents the next generation of financial applications (over 2 million downloads worldwide). You can now use online banking. Money Pro will connect to your bank and download transactions.

FEATURES Calendar – Mark days on the calendar large to indicate the expiration date of invoice. – Schedule recurring bills with a personalized basis. Given the current day – Take a quick look outstanding invoices. – When you have a transaction, you can approve it quickly. Notifications of pending bills – rapid reprogramming option will help you manage outstanding invoices. Budgets – Create entries budget for both their income and their expenses. – You can define different budgetary limits for each period. – First, add all transactions that have and observe both the progress of each category and the overall progress. Log book – An unlimited number of accounts in one place (checking, credit card, etc). – Change History Balance – Additional fields for organizing your records, such as beneficiary, description, No. check and type. – Ability to attach photos of receipts. Reconciliation of accounts – You can register transactions and liquidating them later (reconcile). Online Banking (Money Pro Gold subscription) – Connect banks and download your data. Import bank statements – Amount transaction history and keep your accounts always updated (.ofx, .csv). – Money Pro Learn how categorizes transactions and predicts the categories of transactions that are imported. Division of transactions – You can divide a transaction into several categories, which is useful when you shop at superstores and pay different items at one time. Search – Search for transactions by amount, category, description, beneficiary, etc. Detailed reports – Income / Expenses – Cash flow – Transactions – Assets / liabilities – Projected Balance – Trend Graph for days / weeks / months / years. Lots of customization options – Custom Frequency available for budgeting and planning bills. – Customize categories and accounts with more than 1,500 integrated icons. iCloud – Money Pro uses iCloud to keep data synchronized across all your devices. Multiple profiles – You can define multiple profiles and track their finances separate for home and small business budget. More – Calculator and currency converter – Print and export files in PDF format, QIF and CSV – Password protection – Backup your data – Support for multiple currencies and automatically update exchange rates.



Money Pro





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