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Tidy Up 5.2.2 破解版 – 重复文件清理工具


Tidy Up 是Mac上最优秀的一款重复文件搜索和清理工具,这款软件可以让你指定搜索的目标目录,然后搜索指定类型的重复文件,如音乐、图片、应用等,还支持直接搜索iTunes、iPhoto、Aperture等,删除重复的音乐或图片!

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“Detect duplicate files has never been easier”

Tidy Up! is a new generation of utilities duplicate detection, it emphasizes its speed but mostly a series of interesting options. With Tidy Up! you can search using various parameters, such as the file name, author, creation date and / or modification, extension and size, label and more, in the case of audio concerned.

Actually, Tidy Up! replaces Doublet Scan, bringing substantial changes and more interesting options, such as finding duplicates using ID3 audio, duration and bitrate of MP3 and AAC files tags files. Tidy Up! rummages in databases iTunes and iPod, and synchronize both once the delete operation duplicates.

Once the results are available, Tidy Up! allows preview files, whether audio, text, images, or video sources. We may delete duplicates, move them to another folder or even directly burn to a CD, and all this with great speed and ease of use. One of its biggest advantages is the ability to search using personal criteria via “Smart Baskets” option.



Tidy Up






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