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Sync Folders Pro 3.4.9 破解版 – 文件夹同步工具


Sync Folders 是一款Mac上的文件夹同步工具,最大的特点是简单易用,支持及时同步、计划同步和手动同步等,还支持文件过滤,除了本地磁盘外,也支持移动硬盘、U盘等外部存储和网络存储,非常的优秀!

[Sync Folders 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币50元]  



Do you have terabytes (TB) of data to synchronize? No problem! Sync Folders Pro has been specifically optimized to work with large files and data sources, reliable and efficient. Sit back and relax, your data is automatically synchronized!

Sync Folders Pro is perfect for backups to all destinations of media including: USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on cloud services (Dropbox, etc.)

Sync Folders Pro is the true and the only way synchronization application you will ever need!

FOR BEGINNERS – Choose 2 folders you want to synchronize. – Set the sync mode or use the default mode. You do not need to worry about the other parameters, which are fixed to the recommended. – Click the “Sync current task” and folders will be synchronized!

FOR BUSINESS Configure instant synchronization of documents between its employees through the “Real Time Sync” mode. Your employees always have the latest version of the documents for the job. This mode allows you to instantly synchronize documents in folders with lots of files. It works for 10.8 and later.

FOR PROFESSIONALS – 9 modes of synchronization. – 4 comparison modes allow synchronize files in different file systems (OS X, FAT32, etc.) – You can transform application for managing files conveniently using powerful filter for files and folders and write their own script copy. – synchronization over the network. Automatically mount network folders before sync. – Disconnect Network folders after synchronization. – Protection for unauthorized disconnection units (folders) during synchronization. – Saving the last / all versions of the files you want to delete. Using this mode, you are insured against accidental deletion of files, and you can always get back deleted files, even if resynchronizes several times. – Quickly view the recent changes in sync-folders and Finder integration. – Attributes subfolder synchronization. – Show on the state of the menu bar Sync (Auto Sync mode is enabled, synchronization is performed, the number of pairs of synchronized folders, synchronization ended with errors or synchronized folders were not available). – Write your own script to copy files, for example: – Copy all synchronized to the selected folder before copying files. – Verification of the control files before copying. – Copy files using Unix commands: cp, rsync, etc.

The main difference from similar applications in the App Store: – You can try free version before purchase. We do not hide that quality, speed and stability of the application. – The actual two – way synchronization. Tracking deletions, additions, changes in the timing-folders. – Faster synchronization for the number of synced files no more than 50 000. – Mode “Real Time Sync”. – 4 synchronization status in the menu bar.



Sync Folders Pro








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